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Joined 10 January 2019
Himanshu Singh 31 MAY AT 23:08

He was in love with alphabets
while she was with numbers
Maybe that's why
she was his constant
while he was her variable.


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Himanshu Singh 27 MAY AT 23:13

"Why me?",
She asked

"Girls are beautiful but
I fall for your divine soul.",
I replied

She blushed,
A story began


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Himanshu Singh 22 MAY AT 19:20

You embraced my soul
and your
essence lingers
in my poetry.


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Himanshu Singh 16 MAY AT 23:46

In my poetic life,
You're the words in every line
The real meaning of every rhyme
The one I think of from time to time
The one with whom I wanna spend my life.


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Himanshu Singh 16 MAY AT 0:18

The void of her
horizons starts to seize.
As I enter her soul
and embrace the peace.


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Himanshu Singh 8 MAY AT 20:02

She is the book that stands
out of many on my shelf,
Comparable only to herself,
She is pretty like no other,
Like a daisy in a field of dandelions
It was something to behold
when her lips blossomed into a smile,
Her pretty was unimaginable as
thoughts are on a cosmic level.

I like her "pretty"


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Himanshu Singh 23 APR AT 20:34

Let me look at you
with my eyes wide open,
Under the moon tonight,
And let the moon turn
red this time instead of us.


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Himanshu Singh 19 APR AT 23:13

She was the wildflower,
gentle touch of romance
to every barren land.


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Himanshu Singh 18 APR AT 19:58

While playing PUBG, NFS continuously
Me to my mobile:


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Himanshu Singh 18 APR AT 17:02

She soothes me like
the summer breeze,
Her sweet rosy incense
puts my anxiety at ease.
She shines like the moon,
creating harmony and peace.


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