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Joined 10 January 2019
Himanshu Singh 22 HOURS AGO

Darkness of
her heart could
not touch her
because of his ignited soul


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Himanshu Singh YESTERDAY AT 21:34

You light up
my universe
like a star in
the night sky.


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Himanshu Singh 19 OCT AT 21:52

Sitting in the dark
Lying behind the lamp
Deep under the melancholy
I think about you.
Gleaming of my eyes
Surfing in the nerves of my mind
Oozing with every milli
gallon of blood in my heart
Your thoughts flow in me.
I don't know but nowadays
only you are ruling in me
Whatever it is love or obsession
Thoughts of you in me aren't mean.


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Himanshu Singh 17 OCT AT 20:31

He was 6 feet tall
She was 5 feet 4 inch
But when she stretched
her toes to reach his lips.
Under the warm embrace
the stars giggled in sweetness
from the tenebrous sky.


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Himanshu Singh 15 OCT AT 21:30

She glistened so vividly
that she seemed to be draping
the same tapestry that the moon wore.


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Himanshu Singh 14 OCT AT 21:13

And the message she sent,
Doesn't only carry mere words
but a thousand feelings of her heart
wrapped with a captivating smile.


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Himanshu Singh 12 OCT AT 21:37

You decorate your pain
quite beautifully, and
the night reflects it well.


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Himanshu Singh 11 OCT AT 18:34

The yellow lines
The Orange sky
under the vines
The cold red wine
Under the spring light
The evening arrives
As the insect sings
Their lullabies
Now, I feel the wind
It pricks, as it hits the skin
I dive into the dark evening
Wanting for more
The evening seizes as
the night releases.


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Himanshu Singh 11 OCT AT 18:06

She is the infinitesimal light
of the celestial orbs
on a new Moon's night
She is the soft twinkling of stars
around sunsets and galaxies
and particles of Mars.


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Himanshu Singh 11 OCT AT 14:23

When they say
Love is a language
Real understanding is
Ought to be difficult.


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