Language Festival 2018



Which love is more strong??

The one who accepts us and give name to the relation??
Who supports and takes responsibility??
Who is there forever and not trustworthy??
Who loves you for your perfection??
The one who leaves us behind with tears in their eyes??
Who doesn't give comfort and himself sinks in the deep ocean of pain??
Who doesn't accept but wants to be one forever??
Who doesn't express but keeps closer to their heart??
Who doesn't give any right but kisses softly in every night??
Who can't explain but makes one feel their worth..
Who doesn't complete you but accept you with your imperfection??

I fear of losing you.. But thats not possible coz the thing which is not mine how can i lose that?? Now i have seen everything from your place and i don't blame you anymore.. I want my love life to be like a fairy tale and will not let expectations to kill it.. But which love is more strong will always be a question for me?? #relation #love #expectation #right #forever #imperfect #yqbaba #yqdidi