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Joined 22 January 2018
Sourabh Kumar 15 JUN AT 18:43

To feel free
To break the cage

Bring back yourself
from mislaid image
To detach your neck
from beneath the sword
Assure your delusion
it's just a mirage
You needn't remorse
without any pilferage
If you have endured
through the last word
You know it's time
to turn the page

To break the cage
To feel free


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Sourabh Kumar 10 JUN AT 19:32

बद को बदतर के साँचे में समाने वाले हैं ,

फ़कीरी की ये शाम तकाजे में जाने वाले हैं ।

हसरत-ए-वफा है इस कद़र की दखल-ए-गैहान

वही लोग दे, जो मेरे ज़नाजे में आने वाले हैं ।।


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Sourabh Kumar 6 JUN AT 18:34

Sometimes, my words try to tie
her in a definition.
but, the warmth, the explosion,
the tantrum she kept inside her..

Even my words start m d
e o
l w
t n


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Sourabh Kumar 3 JUN AT 19:14

Even from under
the Stele, I may
still steal her steel


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Sourabh Kumar 27 MAY AT 18:38

If something has came off
that ended my wait
Unarguably, it's that flawless
night we first met

That hush, that moon's
glitter in the sky's
And my life, my reflection
in your sapphire Eyes

The glacier of my emotions
wanna melt again
Oh God! Can I relive that
gifted moment again.


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Sourabh Kumar 12 MAY AT 18:22

Gulf of love, Abysm of care
A day's glare, a nights flare
A thing softly tied of ironware
Her painstaking is yet unmatchable
Rare is flawed, usually impeccable
Behold her as endless & immortalise
And witness the feeling of paradise
Who said, she is a God gifted?
you know, she is a God itself.

Dear God, your legacy is in danger
She isn't just a mother,
You created your impinger.


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Sourabh Kumar 6 MAY AT 18:29

and then in the last
when I'll be asked
What do you wanna
be the next thing
Something different or
the same being.

you did anything wrong!
Yeah, the list is too long
I'll say about my deeds
and their deserved reward
I wanna be released from,
From the life.. Oh Lord !


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Sourabh Kumar 21 APR AT 18:21

" I D O N 'T C A R E "

It's too frequent in speak. Undoubtedly
you think, it's cool. It may look cool for
a while but it's not.. It's too fiery and
streamy for others. And that heat can
melt your cheap attitude. It's warmth
can burn your Inner peace. You should
Care. Not because you will look really
Cool then. But because to know
your connection, to feel
your affinity
Soul of the
universe which can't be mered
or bounded by your "I Don't care"


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Sourabh Kumar 14 APR AT 18:28

Not every 'Separation' deserves
your tears.
Some leaving are melison just
wrapped of benison.


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Sourabh Kumar 7 APR AT 18:44

झूठी मोहब्बत निभाने में, जो आपने शिद्दत दिखाई है ,

कसम से, उसी शिद्दत पर फिर से मोहब्बत आई है ।


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