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Joined 22 January 2018
Sourabh Kumar 17 AUG AT 19:17

हमें परेशां करने में कोई परेशानी हुई तो बोलो,

फिर मुझे ख़जालत में देख हैरानी हुई तो बोलो ।

तेरे क़ल्ब-ए-मेहमाँ हम हुए की नहीं, किसे परवाह,

मगर मेरे दिल में नाशाद मेजबानी हुई तो बोलो ।।


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Sourabh Kumar 12 AUG AT 11:03

Noticed things about Birthdays :-

1) If you wished an Introvert before he
tells you that it's his birthday, you
almost own him.

2) ..And it's my birthday today.


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Sourabh Kumar 8 AUG AT 17:51

Sometimes, The world
looks like a Hell.
And sometimes, I am in
her Arms.


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Sourabh Kumar 3 AUG AT 19:03

"How many times you have loved
in your life?"
"About 10 or 12 times"..I replied.
Everyone laughed.

I wish, Someone has heard my
whisper.."with the same girl".


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Sourabh Kumar 29 JUL AT 18:58

Once, 'Someone' used to love me but I used to
love 'No one'. In way to get 'No one', I kept
ignoring 'Someone'. Later I came to know that
'Everyone' was also in love with 'No one'.
I started hating 'Everyone'. 'Someone' couldn't
bear this, so went far away, very far.
I felt & I feel dejected & culprited.

Now, I am waiting for 'Someone' and
'No one' loves me.


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Sourabh Kumar 25 JUL AT 18:56

मुझे लगता रहा, बड़ी बेरंग है मेरी जिंदगी,

फिर इक शख़्स वाहवाही लूट गया मुझसे,

मेरी ही कहानी कह के ।


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Sourabh Kumar 20 JUL AT 19:18

'Loneliness' is a devil who offers
you an 'Another world' in the
exchange of 'eating you from

And if you accepted the deal,
All left is pain, you'll feel.


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Sourabh Kumar 15 JUL AT 19:10

The way, God made

I have never seen the
use of Soil better than


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Sourabh Kumar 11 JUL AT 18:55

Rains, Pets, flowers & Babies..

After touching these things,
if a tidal wave doesn't flow via
your finger to your Soul & don't
create a mini mesmerising tsunami
in your heart..
'Sorry! You are on wrong planet.'


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Sourabh Kumar 7 JUL AT 18:43

He was addicted to her, how
people addict to Cigarettes.

And, She exactly did with him,
what people do with cigarettes
after finishing.



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