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Santosh Sahoo 13 HOURS AGO

When nothing is right
You feel highly tight
Your situation is not so bright
Also , there is no light
Then it is time to write
Then all alone move left or right
Alternatively, you may go to some light
Then you find your sight
You will feel delight
Then you absolutely right.


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செந்தூர் செல்வன் 16 HOURS AGO

I may be wrong now, but you can't be right at all the time.


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Ritik Goyal 20 HOURS AGO

Jeb wale rich mil jaange
Munda dil da ni rich milna


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Rajat Debnath YESTERDAY AT 1:59

It is not that being alone that worries us

It is feeling alone , worries us


Trisha Sen YESTERDAY AT 20:46

Which is wrong, is wrong,
That's done by elder or younger.
speak out what is wrong,
Protest against iniquity.
It is your right.


Deeksha Ravindra Adiga YESTERDAY AT 14:37

In the journey of life,
We all are left
By the right people
For someone else..


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संतोष घाटे राजा YESTERDAY AT 7:31

जीवन में जिस काम को करना आपके लिए सही और जरुरी है
उसे करने के लिए बिना ज्यादा सोचे पैसों💰 और समय⌚ दोनों को लगा दो।✌



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