a mobile creature with flexible body ,
with alteration as favourite hobby .
m in your possession with total control ,
but u can't touch me like ur soul .
never can i dare to shout ,
if you are smart , then drag me out .


A simple riddle as my 50th quote , on special request of Rishiraj Sharma . Hope u guys enjoy solving it...😊 . So Guys , the correct answer is SHADOW . As we know shadow moves with us and keep changing shape . And so we can control it with our actions to give them our desired shape . We can't touch our soul , similarly we can't touch our shadow too . And shadow can't produce sound or and disturbance . I would like to thank miss Nafeesa Fathima , for her keen interest in this riddle . I hope next time you will come up with correct one .😊 #yqbaba #riddle #hobby #mobile

15 JUL AT 2:50

What has rivers with no water, forests, but no trees and cities with no buildings?

#riddle, who's gonna answer this one?

12 JUL AT 8:47

The day you start feeling lazy...
Is the day when you should know that you are going down !! 😉😉😉

#YQ warning:this quote contains a non graphical deep sensual, sensitive,adultious age-restricted,offensive meaning,inappropriate for some yqtian (sign in to register your age),that can embarrass the reader as well as me if u get it right...apology if anyone finds it offending and for the rest who cudnt get its actual meaning,don't waste your child brain over this...😉😉 #yqbaba #yqdidi #writingghost #arthub #YQBABA #funny #YQbaba #adult #ADVISIGIRI #babagyaan #inspired #pungyaan #uncensored Claps for the one who understands it well, #riddle from my side...😅😅

11 JUL AT 1:52