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5 SEP 2021 AT 12:53

You are the one whom I saw
when I first opened my eyes..
You are my first teacher,
you made me learn
the values of life...
I learn from you everyday
You are the one who always
helps me to choose the right way..
प्यार से भी समझाया है
और कभी मार से भी
आज जो कुछ भी आता है मुझे
उसकी राह तुमसे ही
इतना कुछ करती हो
कभी कोई शिकायत नही करती हो
तुम माँ हो ना। तभी कभी पीछे नही हटती हो।
Happy teachers day ♥️♥️


2 AUG 2021 AT 23:34

The clouds carrying the baggage of pain will be free..
The thunder holding the anger will be calm
The sky will be clear again..
There will be relieve in pain..

This is a cycle of being happy and not being happy..
It cannot stop..
Sometimes it will be the SUN☀️ and sometimes RAIN DROPS 🌧️


28 JUL 2021 AT 1:14

I never wrote about you
I always fall short of words..yes I feel they are just few
You are someone whom I always look upto..
You are my inspiration
You are god's bestest creation
Your nature..your inner beauty is what makes you exceptionally beautiful
For you my love is plentiful
You are in my heart
You are always there and never let us be in dark
You are the light of my life and my happiness
God made you my elder sister ..I am always feel blessed
Your voice is just magical
I am missing talking to you and yes sometimes it makes me emotional
I remember we singing together every evening
Yes that was the best feeling
You are my ❤️
You are my Tanu
These words are not enough as words can't even describe you how worthy you are ❤️


10 JUL 2021 AT 10:42

मगर वहीं तक सीमा नही..
रास्ता आगे भी है
बस उचाइयों से देखना पड़ेगा
रास्ता कठिन ज़रूर है
पर ऐसा भी नही जहां पहुँचा न जाये।


9 JUL 2021 AT 20:24

Love is not always about expressing what you feel..
sometimes its about doing something to make someone feel loved without even saying a word...

My love for my parents is like this only..
I love them so much but cannot always express in words..
यही इस सच्चे प्यार की खूबसूरती है कि बिना
कुछ कहे वो हमारे दिल की बात जानते हैं और कभी हमसे शिकायत नहीं करते।
Love you mom♥️
Love you dad♥️
My heart never stops praying for your happiness and wellbeing.♥️


1 JUL 2021 AT 20:58

What others search on Google:
How to stay away from social networking sites?

What I search :How to be on social networking sites at least for 10 days..

I can't stay more than 10 daysss😐


23 JUN 2021 AT 14:49

Why you only come when things are bright..

Today I am not well
Everything seems dull
Brightness is gone
Will you come to heal me ?
Or you will come only when things will be bright again..
When there will be no rain..
When there will be no pain..

Answer me


10 MAY 2021 AT 12:15

are very stressful for me. My father comes to my sister and says "Mera Sugar test krna"

And listening this meri Neend khulti hai...
Under the banket I keep praying ... Please God Please God Please God ...
Last three days were not going great.
But today a little relief.

Now a days for me NO OTHER TEST is as scary as BLOOD GLUCOSE TEST isssss..


10 MAY 2021 AT 2:32

Only one pray

Please God keep my parents safe always.

They are my only strength.


9 MAY 2021 AT 14:23

This is for my friend Rashi❤️❤️❤️

Today is mothers day and I know you must be missing your mother.. The lovely soul who is in the PARADISE.
She is watching you...She is feeling you as you feeling her..
She is in your heart.. Telling you "I am always with youu my heart"
Her presence is always there
And you know that.
Just close your eyes and remember her with your smile and say " Mumma Happy Mother's day".
She will kiss you on your forehead....

I know how it feels my heart
But this is a small token of love from my side...
Just Wanna tell you "You Mom is listening to you everytime you remember her"
She is kissing you everytime because she is not so far..

She is in your lovely heart.❤️
You are pious as your name itself says and the soul always resides in a PIOUS heart.


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