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Joined 22 October 2016
Prem Kumar Chanda 11 AUG AT 22:20

Chennai has Bay of Bengal.
Kanyakumari has Indian Ocean.
Mumbai has Arabian Sea.
Bengaluru has Bay of Traffic.


#bengaluru #traffic

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Prem Kumar Chanda 11 AUG AT 18:26

The only sea view Bengalurians can have is traffic.


Live post. Coincidence much? :)
#bengaluru #traffic

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Prem Kumar Chanda 10 AUG AT 10:18

An extrovert dosa is called Open Dosa.


Get it? Get it?
In-pic: Closed Dosa
#dosa #okaybye

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Prem Kumar Chanda 8 AUG AT 22:53

Have you noticed that whenever you read the text "Happy Birthday to you", you involunteerily start to hum the 'Happy Birthday to you' tune?
My goal is that whenever I read that text, I intent to hum the last line's tune
"Haaaapppyy Birthday tooooo youuuuuuuu... *with orchestra effect*".
Wish me luck, fellas!


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Prem Kumar Chanda 3 AUG AT 21:24


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Prem Kumar Chanda 25 JUL AT 12:07

Typing all the relevant hashtags to get the reach on Instagram feels like as if I am writing a Sanskrit vibhakti table.


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Prem Kumar Chanda 23 JUL AT 13:34

Nothing is more embarrassing than booking a movie ticket for tomorrow and confidently walking into the theatre today, see someone else occupy your seat and asking them to check their seat number and vacate. 'Cuz that seat is going to be yours (tomorrow).
*Silently walks back to home*
P.S. Can't wait to grab that seat tomorrow.


Ever experienced?😅

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Prem Kumar Chanda 19 JUL AT 18:41

Dearest YourQuote Family,

A part of me is sad. A part of me is filled with hope.

As you might have already known, due to funding crunch, YourQuote has been on the cost-cutting mode in order to extend its runway. I am officially leaving YourQuote as its employee and will continue to volunteer in my own capacity. I received so much love from you all through YQ that I don't know when I would be able to repay it ever. ❤️

(Read the full post in caption)


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Prem Kumar Chanda 23 JUN AT 0:54

Adapting to love,
I realised that
the act of loving
has lot to do
with understanding
and a lot more to do with
understanding love.


In love with this beautiful muse-worthy #cinemagraph template!
#love #loving

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Prem Kumar Chanda 21 JUN AT 13:27

Start loving. There is so much to love.
Start hating. There is so much to love.


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