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#proposeday quotes

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aakash vishnoi 8 FEB 2018 AT 18:59

Am not waiting for the rose day......
Am not waiting for the propose day
Am not waiting for the day, called valentine....!
Let people be fake more and more this time....
But am not waiting for such a day called, valentine....!
True love doesn't need to show off..
Fake love can't survive without show off....!
Let people celebrate the fake love and life...
But poet will never wait for the day, called valentine.....!


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Titly 🦋 8 FEB AT 17:44

Cutest Proposal Ever!!!

He : Hey! Listen na...1 bat kahena hai
She : Hmm say
He : Mere surname ko😘
Tere name ka sahara chahiye
Samjh gyi ho❤
Ya kuch ishara chahiye 🙈


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Jatin Aswal 8 FEB 2018 AT 21:00

Taking her hand into mine, I bent on one knee to the ground and said,
"You know baby, someone once said to me "Go get a life", so here I am, in front of my life asking her to be mine. Will you?"

She bent down, came closer, and hugged me in the tightest way possible.
"I will be the luckiest to have you, honey," she whispered, with tears gathering in her eyes.


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Yq Gudiya👩 8 FEB AT 15:46

The current mood of my is not the love for you but the love for my mom dad & my own goal.


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Jatin Aswal 8 FEB AT 18:56

Me : *on my knees*

"Daddy, why are you on your knees?" Pihu walked in.

Me : *thinking of a perfect reply*

"And daddy, why are you asking mumma to be your queen?"

"Because I'm proposing your mother," I finally replied.

"But mumma got married to you long back. Isn't she your queen already?" The curiosity in her eyes grew even more.

"Mmm! She is. But you know, according to a story, you should propose your queen on 8th February every year, otherwise a dragon will come and take away the queen." I somehow managed to reply.

"Huh? That's ridiculous. What kind of stories you grew up listening to Dad?" She started rolling on the floor laughing.
Her mother joined her too.

And there was me, with my face buried in the ground.


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Sahani Baleshwar 8 FEB 2018 AT 13:19

Everytime I see you
I close my eyes ,
the tears in them
beings several thoughts
in my mind ,
following the heart
I wish to say million times ,
in the day of light
and in the darkness of night
I'll love you
until the end of my life.


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The Beatific Writer 8 FEB AT 17:57



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Aman Srivastava 8 FEB AT 9:34

इज़हार मेरा....
इनकार उनका....
ज़िंदगी मेरी...
इंतजार उनका...


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Priyaa Mishra 8 FEB 2018 AT 16:52

I wanna say something 🙈

Will uh marry me jaan jee 💖❤


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Aman Srivastava 8 FEB AT 13:53

My proposal...
Her disposal...


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