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The New Year

The New Year It was just another ordinary day for me,as I hardly celebrated a 31st party. But this time, fortunately I had to attend a party and I found a group of youngsters.(The reason I don't attend parties was I felt I was alone on a ship) We all had a good conversation, we were friends, whose friendship arose late in the 90s and then drowned due to distance, but ya we finally met and had a conversation. “Oh you looking so very handsome today”, “Ooh, didn't I a couple of years ago”, “No you didn't”! That was a bad comment I felt and moved on with a few more shots of whiskey and vodka. It was now a min prior to the new day that would begin a new year. And with a bang on the sky with crackling sparkles we welcomed a ‘New Year’. Everyone of us hugged each other, wished a happy new year and clicked a couple of pictures. I wanted a future communication with these guys and thus smartly told, how do I send you the pictures and, got the contact information! I was now having their contact info, now was a shyness and a fear deep inside me. I started thinking,if they saw my pessimistic behavior and would not like it. This everytime I thought of a sad quote to be typed, stopped myself, and eventually, I observed that I didn't feel depressed, I felt like I had come up of these! I was now  a happier ‘me’. A me who could differentiate between a psychological stress and assimptional depression! But what do I see in a couple of days, the people I thought would talk about me, had the pessimistic approach towards life! And I changed looking at the pessimistic attitude of people! And now that I am out of it, I feel like, people need to think about it too! #shortstory #writersofinstagram #yqbaba #newyear #depression