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Upasana Gupta 16 DEC 2017 AT 15:25

There Was Nothing Positive In Her Life
Except Her Pregnancy Test.


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Harsh Snehanshu 18 NOV 2018 AT 2:28

be yourself forever
& pray that I remain myself
so that you remain
my favourite forever.


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Sumit Pareek 1 NOV 2017 AT 10:31

Her messed up hair, to
her cartoon printed night wear.
Her silly yet cute dreams, to
her moustache with coffee skim.
Her disastrous desi dance, to
her typical bollywood style romance.

All my life I looked for perfection and yet fell for her cute imperfections, everyday.

She taught me:
How imperfectly perfect someone can be,
only if you choose to look and not just see.


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Sumit Pareek 3 NOV 2017 AT 22:24

In the world of computers.

They wrote their love story on a
type-writer where there
was no edit option
or a backspace.


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aishwarya rai 3 NOV 2018 AT 0:56

Kitabo Me Jo Padhi Wo Zindagi kuch or Thi,
Haqikat Ne To Rula Diya he sehzaadi ko


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Lavina Narwani 11 NOV 2018 AT 17:21

What an effect you have on my blithe spirit when you come over me
A step on the grass seems like a step on the moon
A shower on the face seems like soothing waves of the ocean
A seat on the rosy garden bower lifts me up on lofty clouds
A musical strain on the ear makes me a nightingale of starry summer nights
And the noise of jingling anklets makes me a peacock frolicking in monsoon mist...


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Lennesha Prescilla 24 NOV 2018 AT 13:34

As far as my arms stretched,
I caught hold of it.
That was my world.
Anything beyond that,
I never knew actually existed.

(Continued in caption)


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Sumit Pareek 9 NOV 2017 AT 14:31

His Princess she was & he became her undisputed King.

Terrible singer he was, yet her goodnight lullabies he used to sing.

He loved her the most and so did she.

It was never you & I for them, it was always a we.

From playing with dolls, to intentionally losing in 'who finishes the glass of milk first' race.

Her brother filled the void of their parent's absence, and eventually took their place.


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Sumit Pareek 16 NOV 2017 AT 12:14

Writers they are called, but more of an
Artist they are.

After all;

The art of hiding a real pain behind
fictional character's mask,

needs a hell of an Artist,
it's not an easy task.


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Amol Gade 10 NOV 2018 AT 14:04

It all started with her wet eyes and ended with his.


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