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14 JAN AT 20:55

एक नाम है जिसे मैं भूल जाना चाहती हूँ
और वही नाम हर तरफ, इर्द गिर्द
कभी रास्तों पर
तो कभी कागज़ों में
अलग तरीकों से
आंखों के सामने आ कर
दिल में
धमाचौकड़ी मचाता है।


14 JAN AT 20:43

Hurt me with your actions
And I'll choose not to react

But to bleed through my words
On a piece of paper

And will create a masterpiece
Called poetry.

And that's how I'd choose to
Fight and survive.

And if you think that makes me
Weak or coward

I pity your inconclusive mind
Bcz That's what I think
Strength is.


13 JAN AT 0:26

I can Undo loving you
Only if I Undo living.

And that doesn't mean
I need to live with you

I'm just in love with you.


12 JAN AT 8:47

You can avoid them
Till your sort your mind out
But someday you must
Face them

Either fear or people
Or emotions.


11 JAN AT 19:16

You can never get enough of
People or Emotions
Which make you feel desired
And loved.


11 JAN AT 13:47

सोचती हूं अक्सर
कि लोग किस कदर बदल जातें हैं
कल जो साथ थें
वो आज बच कर निकल जातें हैं


11 JAN AT 13:46

To The Plethora Of Emotions
I Feel When You Brush
Your Little Finger With Mine.
The Sun Sets Over My Cheeks
As Your Eyes Tease My Smile.


9 JAN AT 23:48

मुझसे मोहब्बत करता है वो
ये जानता नहीं
बस मुझसे मिले बिना रह नही सकता

मुझसे मोहब्बत करता है वो
ये मानता नहीं है
बस मुझे चुप देख कर चुप नही रह सकता

मुझसे मोहब्बत करता है वो
ये समझता नही है
मगर मेरी हर जरूरत मुझसे पहले समझता है

मुझसे मोहब्बत करता है वो
ये बोलता नहीं है
मगर ऐसी मोहब्बत वो किसी और से करता भी नहीं है।


8 JAN AT 16:01

I love the way
You love me
As you were reading a manual
How I must be loved
And cared
With affection n care.

I love the way
You look at me
As you have always knows
How I want to be gazed
Like the way we gaze the stars.

I love the way
You hold me
As if you have always desired to
Hold me closer and know
How fragile I was
To hold on gently.

I love the way
You love me.

As if you've always been
In love with my soul
And as if we were
The soulmates
From the old galaxies. ♥️


8 JAN AT 14:40

I wish I could wipe you off
From my heart
And the moist traces you left
Over my face

I want to wipe you off
From my skin
And your gentle touch
On my soul.

It's not that
I do not like it
But, it has been troubling
My mind and
Sometimes the heart.

I want to wipe
All of it.


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