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Joined 23 September 2016
Upasana Gupta 23 HOURS AGO

Aaj Andhera Kuch Jyada Hai.
Roshni Ki Jane Ki Khabar Aai Hai.


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Upasana Gupta 5 JUL AT 13:09

I Am Either Too Much Of An Emotion Or No Emotions At All.

Where Is That Damn Switch?


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Upasana Gupta 3 JUL AT 1:27

Dear Me

You told me that
you are feeling a little upset tonight.
I know that you are feeling lonely
and crave for a little affection & care.

I feel that.
I know you have been handling
yourself quite strongly.

Listen to me, I am with you.
And I love you and I care for you.

Though, I cannot hold your or hug you.
But, close your eyes and breathe.
You'll feel me.

I understand, You are tired of staying strong
And faking a smile.

But, I am proud of you.
And I will always love you.

I am here. Don't worry.
Good times are on its way.

- Yours Forever


For me from me.

#letters #life #yqbaba

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Upasana Gupta 2 JUL AT 19:13

I Watch It Grow, From The Broken Corners.

The Wounds Heal While I Get Ready For Another.


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Upasana Gupta 1 JUL AT 0:39

They Think They Can Control You
Because You Are Too Kind.

But, When It's Time
You Have To Stand Up Over Them

And Speak, Till You're Heard.


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Upasana Gupta 29 JUN AT 12:55

鈼 啷炧ぐ啷嵿鈼

啶ぐ啷嵿 啶啶むぞ 啶灌
啶斷ぐ 啶曕啶 啶ㄠす啷 啶 啶啶むぞ
啶掂 啶呧お啶ㄠぞ 啶曕す啶むぞ 啶む 啶灌
啶啶 啶啶班ぞ 啶灌 啶ㄠす啷啶 啶班す啶むぞ啷


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Upasana Gupta 28 JUN AT 15:49

They Told Me That I Donot Fit In.
And I Need To Shrink To Their Size.

I Outgrew Their Defined Dimensons
And My Insecurities.


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Upasana Gupta 27 JUN AT 16:32

Dear Me

I know you've been trying hard to stay strong.
And let me tell you that, you are doing good.
You have been keeping up with everything
And every mess around you.
You have not given up.
And that's what makes you a winner.
You have been strong and facing everything like the best.

Hold on.
It's just a phase.
I know, days are rough.
And you feel like giving up.
But, trust me, it's gonna be fine.
I'm with you.
And I love you.

Stay strong my heart.


Upasana Gupta 27 JUN AT 5:58

Sometimes we depend on some people
Irrespective of the fact
That they are near or far
Or we talk or not.

It's just
The mere thought of them being with us
Is sufficient to make you strong.


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Upasana Gupta 24 JUN AT 17:36

And He Was There, With All His Heart

But, She Was Still Waiting
For The One Who Damaged Her.


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