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Upasana Gupta 3 HOURS AGO

I Will Complete
Your Incomplete Story
By Loving You.


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Collaborating with Ankit Mittal

Just a random collab

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Upasana Gupta 4 HOURS AGO

The Pain
To Us
After Sometime.


Collaborating with Ankit Mittal

Upasana Gupta 4 HOURS AGO

● तुम और कलम ●

महफूज़ हैं वो यादें
जो मेरी कलम से निकली थी
कभी सफ़ेद पन्नों पर
जो ज़ख्म सी लिखी थी

कभी बरसती आंसुओं की
तूफान में लिखी थी
तो कभी सूनी आंखों ने
रेगिस्तान सी लिखी थी

कुछ तेरे नाम भी लिखी थी
कुछ गुमनाम भी लिखी थी

समेटें है सारे संदूक में आज भी
कुछ जो तेरे ख़ातिर लिखी थी
और कुछ तुझे मिटाने को लिखी थी

महफूज़ हैं वो यादें
जो मेरी कलम से निकली थी
कभी सफेद पन्नों पर
जो इश्क़ लिखी थी।


● तुम और कलम ●

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Upasana Gupta 4 HOURS AGO

● For Now & For Long ●

The Numerous Things You Think About
While You Want To Think None

The Numerous Things Your Mind Tells You
That You Must Do
While You Want To Do None

The Numerous Times You Want To Just Lay Quiet
While There Is Noise All Around You and Within

The Numerous Times You Want To Live
While You Just Want To Sleep.
For Now & For Long..


Upasana Gupta 12 NOV AT 23:41

● The Hidden Truth ●

You Hide The Truth From The One's You Love
Maybe To Protect Them From Getting Hurt
And To Save Them From Their Over thinking Minds
Which Might Ruin Their Peace.

But, You're Actually Doing More Harm ,
More Damage To The Person
And To Your Relationship.

Yes, For Now It Might Hurt
They Might Cry,They May Get Depressed
But, If It's Anything Related to Them
They Have All The Right To Know It.
It Is Better Than The Pain of Not Knowing
About It At The Right Time,
Or The Pain Of Regret, Or The Pain Of Living A Lie.

And, You Need To Tell Them Sooner
Even If It Breaks Them
Or Shatters The Trust Out Of Them
They Will Stitch Up Their Wounds Over Time
They Will Get Stronger And Responsible.
Just Tell Them The Truth.


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Upasana Gupta 11 NOV AT 22:43

मैं सोचती हूँ कभी
कि कहानियां लिखूँ

मगर, उनको कविताएं
पढ़तें देखा है अक्सर।


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Upasana Gupta 11 NOV AT 21:08

हम यहाँ के भी थे, हम वहां के भी थे, हम जहां भी गए, बस वहीं के थें,

वो हमारे ना हुए खैर कोई बात नहीं, हम उनके भी थे, जो हमारे ना हुए।


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Upasana Gupta 10 NOV AT 15:44

● The CHAOS ●

She didn't want to see him,
Though she wished she could see him more often.
But , the more he wandered around her,
She could find a kind of disturbance in her soul,
Or maybe it was all in her mind ,
Which she couldn't manage or maybe didn't want to.
He was everything what she looked for
But didn't want to acknowledge it.
He was a myth, she was living up to.
He was a CHAOS.

She wrote him into words, poetries
Or sketched him onto the blank papers,
Sometimes in her diaries
Or often in her mind,
But, he was unaware,
Or maybe he knew
But didn't want to know deeper...


Upasana Gupta 6 NOV AT 23:54

● Void ●

There Is A Void
In Your Heart
Created By People
Who Were
Once Close To You.

You Want To
Let Them Know
That They Are Being Missed
And Your Heart
Still Has That Place
Vacant For Them.

But, Sometimes
It's Better To Keep That
Hole In Your Heart
Than To Fill That
With Rejected Emotions
And Unfulfilled Expectations.


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Upasana Gupta 2 NOV AT 22:27

● चुप-चाप ●

कुछ हम ख़फ़ा थे
कुछ वो खामोश थे
जिंदगी आई औऱ
चुपचाप निकल गई।


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