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Joined 23 September 2016
30 JUN 2023 AT 18:39

कुछ कशिश सी है तेरे नाम में
कि तेरे बाद
इस नाम का हर शख्स अब अपना लगता है।


26 SEP 2022 AT 17:49

Forever is a myth.
Lovingly told
Foolishly accepted.


26 AUG 2022 AT 23:13

The night speaks about
You & me.
But the one who listens to it
Is only me.


29 JUL 2022 AT 0:34

जब सोचा कि ज़िन्दगी के सारे सबक सीख लिए हैं
तभी ज़िन्दगी ने फिर एक इम्तिहान लिया
और हम फिर काफी नंबरों से फेल हो गए।


28 JUL 2022 AT 15:25

I feel beautiful under his ink
And the way he writes me
Pouring all the emotions on the paper
Just to make me as perfect as I can be.


28 JUL 2022 AT 10:44

Tumse Baatein Toh Mujhe Aur Bhi Karni Thi
Magar Tumne Mujhe Sunna Kab Ka Band Kar Dia Tha.


24 JUL 2022 AT 1:02

It's funny how people think that
We share everything in our stories or status.

But the thing is
If it's visible to you
Your are lucky that I believe we are close enough.

And what we choose to show
Doesn't always mean that's the true story.

There is a lot of drama
Behind the scenes.

So, next time if it's not visible to you
Believe it that I am done being close or being good enough.


24 JUL 2022 AT 0:55

It's not that I share everything in my stories or status
But if it's visible to you,
you must consider yourself lucky that
I believe we are close.


22 JUL 2022 AT 23:44

I am gonna fall
And break into pieces

And I will be back to that strong
And independent girl

Which you always wanted me to be
Tomorrow Or Maybe the day after

But, tonight
I want to be fragile
I want to be what I really am
I want to be vulnerable

Even if I know
You are not here.

But, I am here
With all my flaws
On the loose.


22 JUL 2022 AT 15:15

There were many things I wanted to tell you about
But, erasing the texts felt more comfortable.


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