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Joined 23 September 2016
23 MAY AT 20:50

Your name was nothing
Till I chose to give it
Meaning and feelings.


23 MAY AT 20:47

A name is nothing
Till somebody gives it the meaning.


23 MAY AT 20:45

And just like
How i gradually started liking your name
And then obsessing over it

Now I have started disliking it
To the extent that
I resent everyone with the name
Same as yours.


23 MAY AT 0:40

अक्सर सोचा है
तुम ठीक वही बात
उसी वक्त कैसे बोल लेते हो
जब भी मैं
जो बात सुनना चाहती हूं

वही एहसास कैसे बयां करते हो
जो मैं महसूस करती हूं

कभी अचानक से ही आ जाना
और कभी चुपचाप सुनना
घंटों मेरी फिजूल बातें
ऐसे जैसे कितनी
जरूरी हों।

फिर याद आया
तुम दिल में हीं तो हो ना
फिर तुमसे कुछ छुपा कैसे हो सकता है।

तुम हो
हर वक्त ।


22 MAY AT 15:31

I wish someday you meet somebody
Exactly like you.

Good or bad
Thats upto you to decide
Who you are.


18 MAY AT 20:47

Its all a mess
And a chaos.

And all I desire is
To rest
In peace.


18 MAY AT 20:45

Its all a chaos
In the mind
Or in the life.

And when it happens
You just want to Disappear
From the world
Thinking that
It will all be okay
If you Disappear.

You want to lose
The life you have been

It gets toxic
The heart n the mind

You feel weak
After staying strong for so long.

And all you want to do is
To rest
In peace.


16 MAY AT 21:22

Loving you had made me
Quite spine-less.

Lets me un-love you
And zip it up.


16 MAY AT 21:16

जाने दो उसे जो जाना चाहता है
वो पास कहाँ, कब का दूर हो चुका है।


16 MAY AT 18:04

जाने दो उसे जो जाना चाहता है
वो पास कहाँ, कब का दूर हो चुका है।


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