And so we gradually forgot the alpha and omega of the race.

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We start the race of earning to protect our family, the ones we love. What we really do is we don't really protect what we have to protect. At the end of the race we forget what we started to run for... Reality is overlapping the imagery ! We leave our children alone at home so that we could earn for them. And children leave their parents at "home" to earn for them. #YQbaba #dedicated #money #life #competition #love #abandoned #reality


Keep on earning.

Utill falling off, of a 
stack of money from your
pocket won't bother you.

Get your money's worth,
let hard-work pay off.



Anything which is maximum and anything which is minimum  is not good for any living creature…

Too much of height is also danger-fear of height! Even when you are ground, you get fear of fear! Too much of love-may be a breakup, No love-being single! Too much of friendship- OMG ,even this ship sinks! No friendship- Exceptional element! Too much of money- Jail ! No money- living in streets!100 marks -topper! No mark-failure!More food- fat! No food- death! Hot day- no outing! Rainfall- also no outing! Too much of laugh- mental!Not even a small smile- are you a human? Parents- not even carrying them to love! No parents-so called adopted child who creates wonders! #maximum #minimum #love #friendship #parents #money

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