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Joined 24 April 2020

💜Daily quotes💜
Joined 24 April 2020
6 APR AT 0:31

Even if the mistake stumbles but The focus should not be distracted.


2 APR AT 15:03

You are happy
and there is no doubt about it


31 MAR AT 17:19

Do something new every day to feel better every day.


30 MAR AT 21:13

"Not just Unity in bed"

Husband and wife need to work together to solve any problems that may arise at home.


30 MAR AT 20:50

Your life will be better only if you work hard.


29 MAR AT 0:10

until no one cares!


"Smile again"...


27 MAR AT 19:59

Don’t set aside your precious time to be busy with unnecessary things.


27 MAR AT 19:36

Always give yourself a chance to try whether you win or lose.


27 MAR AT 19:29

If you learn the wisdom of education carefully, you can progress easily in life.


27 MAR AT 17:50

Your true beauty is the light and that is what shines
Not everyone who is fat, dark, shapeless, short ... are ugly and not everyone who is slim, fair, tall ... are beautiful
Those who think "yourself ugly" are unworthy to live in this world.

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No one deserves to criticize the creation of God who gave us eyes
The folly of God's creation is that He created human beings
God did not create ugliness, God created humans
Yes, God created ugliness in an attempt to create human beings


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