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Debarpita Mohanty
10 AUG 2017 AT 20:37

It hurts. It rips your heart out. Blows your mind. Wrecks your nerve. Makes you believe that there's nothing left. You tell yourself, time heals everything. But the heart which has been crushed and chopped into several uneven pieces knows that time is just a sugarcoated myth. An excuse. And this time, like every time, time will fail. Then one day, even after countless eternities, when you will linger your fingers upon that ironically mended heart of yours, you will still find scars, rough and ugly, enough to reminisce and relive that pain.



YourQuote Postman
2 JUN AT 13:28

To the cute boy I saw at the badminton court last night,

"Hi. I really like your haircut. You smiling when you miss a shot or not being able to serve is super attractive. I've never seen a man smile when he's losing. People, men specially get aggressive when they lose and you didn't.
So I would like to meet you again over a coffee and map out a plan where we try everything together. And maybe you'll teach me the art of smiling when I lose."



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23 FEB AT 8:31

Few Years ago,
She rejected my friend request.

Her parents are visiting my home with her marriage proposal.


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Priyanka Rathi
21 NOV 2017 AT 12:57

When we see our Crush.

Oxytocin accumulate,
Our senses rejuvenate.
Retina captivate only his sight,
Stomach butterflies landed in flight
Heart play a rhythmic drama,
Nostrils feels only his aroma.
Ear drums wants to strike with
His sound waves mightily,
Lips turns into curve slightly...!!



19 DEC 2017 AT 20:49

Non-Stop eater.
Wearing Red Sweater.
Accepted my love letter.
That's exactly how I met her.


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