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Living a life of bookmarks and headphones😍
Joined 31 July 2017

Living a life of bookmarks and headphones😍
Joined 31 July 2017
Debarpita Mohanty 2 APR AT 21:13

// Long Enough //


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Debarpita Mohanty 11 MAY 2019 AT 23:51

"Happy Mother's Day, Dad!", read the cake.

Nothing else could have validated judge's custody decision better, he thought.



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Debarpita Mohanty 22 DEC 2018 AT 2:57

All of this is poetry
unsung yet heard,
heard but unrhymed.
How else can you
explain it?
We hang ourselves
in between the lines,
fearing the oblivion,
trying hard to fit in.
We appear at their epilogues
to silently wait for our crack of dawn.
We write about love and lilac
even though we could find none.



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Debarpita Mohanty 8 SEP 2018 AT 11:34

I set him free
Like releasing dandelion seeds
Into the air, only to see him
Dissolve in the purple sky
Look back, I never asked
Look back, he never did


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Debarpita Mohanty 14 APR 2018 AT 21:03

Devasted mind creates best verses.


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Debarpita Mohanty 14 APR 2018 AT 16:21

"Why did she go to heaven, ammi? ", asked Asifa's younger sister.
" Because that's where goddesses live. "
"Was she a goddess then? "

Ammi remained silent,
astonished by the form they
worshipped her.


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Debarpita Mohanty 30 MAR 2018 AT 22:35

We all are like wind chimes.
Capable of creating the best melody ever; yet waiting for a gush of wind.


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Debarpita Mohanty 11 FEB 2018 AT 22:44

No, I don't want any romantic getaways or candy showers. Not even that fuchsia pink dress on the mannequin.
So, dont promise me those. Don't.
Instead, promise me a promise that lasts.
Promise me to love me till I am eighty and laugh while I count my tooth- eight. Promise me a forever, if there's any. Promise me an eternity and bend the universe to get me one. Promise me to sell your soul for a promise you promised.

Promise? Can you?


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Debarpita Mohanty 6 JAN 2018 AT 13:30

Broke our piggy bank
Divided the coins

"When are you going to buy your piano?", bhaiya asked counting his money.

"I can't. I am not even close. Good luck with your PlayStation, though."

Next morning, I woke up to a piano and a letter : It's yours, only if you promise to play with both of us.


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Debarpita Mohanty 1 JAN 2018 AT 2:20

No, I Don't Want a New Year!


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