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22 OCT 2023 AT 11:39

if Leonardo da Vinci was alive tody then her portrait would have been the most beautiful painting of the world instead of monalisa❣️


8 JUL 2023 AT 7:23

कोना कोना ढूंढा मैंने
जहाँ जहाँ नज़र पहंच सकता था वहां वहां ढूंढा मेने
कहीं कोई नामो ओ निशान ना मिला

कुछ ऐसी जगह गिरी हो तुम मेरे नज़रों में


13 OCT 2022 AT 11:06


Mein ye valentine falentine pe nahi manta


It's my wife's first karva chauth , i have to go home early

"Love always make it's own definition ❣️"


12 OCT 2022 AT 8:06

Bindi is outdated i will put moon on your forehead ❣️


12 AUG 2022 AT 20:45

I remember how you used to ignore me.

There was always someone else who got your attention first.I started to believe I'd never have a place in your heart, no matter how much I deserved it. I felt worthless, unimportant, broken, and forgotten. In despair, I let myself fall, and I fell hard. So hard, it opened your eyes and made you realise how much I really needed you the whole time. Finally, you came to me with the words of apology, and a promise I'd been waiting to hear. That you would love me.

The promise that changed my life forever.
You kept your word and became my number one support system.

You looked after me like no one else could while fighting my battles relentlessly. The way you put me above the rest had taught me to find my worth back.

I no longer felt unimportant, broken, and forgotten.

My needs were fulfilled, and I was healing, slowly and steadily.

All because of you, and the love you gave to me. After too long I waited for someone to come and save me, I'd never thought it would be you , thank you soo much

"The person in the mirror said me last night".


1 JUL 2022 AT 9:20

"After the first kiss she was laughing soo hard"

What happened? I asked

There is something on your lip

On my lip? What?

Something red, she said

Then i put back the bindi on her forehead ❤


27 MAY 2022 AT 11:51

You know what after you left the whole me divided Into so many parts, and among those some parts hate you hate you as hell they all have accepted the truth that you are gone but the remaining parts they still love you,they care for you,they want you to make you happy again.

As the time passes i know a point in life will come where those all parts will become a whole again where may be they all hate you or may be they all start loving you again and that point of life i believe a writer will retire, a meemer will stop making lame jokes, a lover will move on and that simple boy will stop overthinking

May be...


6 APR 2022 AT 7:56

Two Eyes Were Not Enough To Capture The Whole Beauty
It Was My Heart Who Had Seen Her For The First Time❣️— % &


19 FEB 2022 AT 10:42

There Were Only Six Colours In Rainbow Today
Seems She Has Worn A Red Bindi — % &


20 JAN 2022 AT 11:27

कोई और तुमसे ज्यादा खूबसूरत नहीं हो सकती
मेने देखा हे रख के चाँद की तस्वीर तुम्हारी तस्वीर के साथ


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