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#colours quotes

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Aishwarya Swarup 13 MAR 2017 AT 1:57

Homeless in Holi

..Cont in caption.


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Sum _Eoseo 21 MAR AT 21:03

तुम लाल तो मैं सफेद रंग थी,
बस मेरी इतनी सी ही भूल थी,
तुमसे मिलकर मैं भी लाल हो गई थी,
तुम तो अपना रंग लिए चले गए,
और मैं तुम्हारे रंग में रंगी लाल ही रह गयी,
शायद यही प्यार की मेरी भूल थी।


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Hemashwetha KS 22 OCT 2018 AT 23:34

You are the colours that a canvas longs.
Yet, the night's black is your sparkling shade.


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Airplane Poetry Movement 4 MAR 2018 AT 18:14

APM Challenge 015:

Your favourite colour is the title of your poem today.


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Himakshi Tarde 1 JAN 2018 AT 12:24

I found beauty
in what seemed

While beauty always resided
in blend of hues for you,
I had a colour blindness.



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MahaMrityunjay Gautam 9 JAN AT 9:58

धूप में काली हो गई हूँ 😔
"छांव हो या धूप में!
पसंद है तू हर रूप में।।"


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Sahil Bhardwaj 1 MAR 2018 AT 21:01

Let me colour you whole
with the colours of joy and happiness
our eyes can't evolve to see
beyond the infinite vibgyor
let me colour you with infinite sapience...

Let us sing, dance and dissolve
into the colours of integrity and prosperity
come and help to overcome this
mutual enmity and social rupture
let us brew the sentience all together...

Let us rock this day with all good will
come and spray on each other with
colours of friendship and love,
I'm tired from the wordly gait of selfishness
let us make love with colours under
the blue skies of ours with bonds of friendliness...

Let us drink wines in blood and beer in mud
come with food of mettle and valour
serve it and eat it together with passion
let us forget all ourselves
no you and and no me, only we
let us celebrate this eve with cheer and glee...


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Shalaka Kulkarni 26 SEP 2018 AT 1:33

You and I,
Like the sunrays
And the sky-
A pallette of
The universe,
To paint ours,
With the visual dye!


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Deepak Agrahari 19 MAR AT 12:38

इस तरह रंग लगा दे मोहे, तेरे रग में रम जाऊ ।
तू मेरी जोगन बन जा, मै तेरा रंगरसिया कहलाऊं ।।


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Anisha Naskar 13 DEC 2018 AT 20:54

In the evolution of colours, where sprinkles and glitters are in trend...

I simply fell in love with his all shades of grey...


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