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Joined 12 December 2016
Himakshi Tarde 23 HOURS AGO

and then, moon learned
to change everyday
observing the ones
on the ground.


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Himakshi Tarde 7 MAR AT 22:42

In the end,
we'll get replaced
by newer stories
or older endings.


Himakshi Tarde 5 MAR AT 9:12

the problem was,
We fell in love
with the felicities
of being in love
and not with the struggles.


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Himakshi Tarde 18 FEB AT 23:02

Winter is leaving
gradually, Finally.
I'm glad.

I'll be able to see
The brightest days,
And not those foggy ones
where you covered
me under the veil of 'love'.
The nights.
The nights will be
bulging out with shine.
And not covered
by the sulky sides
of your promises,
or, my tears.

Winter is leaving.
I'll be able to wear
attires of my choices.
Atleast, not the jackets
you nicely knitted
to cover my scars.

Winter is leaving
So are your delusions.
I wish winter comes back
alone, next time.


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Himakshi Tarde 18 FEB AT 22:29

It was always fine,
to be alone, at times.

The problem started when
we felt lonely
in each other's presence.


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Himakshi Tarde 17 FEB AT 23:07

then life happened
around me
and snatched.
My childhood.


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Himakshi Tarde 12 FEB AT 23:08

Winter is leaving,
we are still stuck!
regretting over,
our pathetic past.


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Himakshi Tarde 12 FEB AT 19:23

It's an evening past.
He walks on the terrace
holding the tinkling thing.
As she keeps on exclaiming
chores of the day,
How she walked past ignoring
her ex-best friend,
How she cooked the
'World's best' Maggie,
How she wish to convince Maa
for the night-out plan.,
He smiles behind the
screen giving her
new ideas of escape.
He loves to pamper her,
to keep her in the right direction
and safe.

After every small incidence,
that occurs,
Whether it be
a fight with her sibling or
A pimple on her cheek.
She waits.
She waits to tell him
what happened and
how she wanted it to happen.
For only, he cares.
He listens to her
more than her own mirror.
She loves sharing with him,
How he handles her chaos
like no one can.


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Himakshi Tarde 9 FEB AT 19:49

They told me
most of the traumas
I'd deal, cause
I were deprived of
a kind of 'love'.

'Self love' they exclaimed.
I wondered while walking out,
if things like it ever existed!



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Himakshi Tarde 5 FEB AT 11:29

the dark skies now wander alone
since you have left with all the stars.

the wounded heart now seeks for rest
since you have left all the scars.



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