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अपने ही पिता से मिलने की
इजाजत माँगती है....
वो पति से...

ये वो दुनिया है जहाँ
जब बेटी विदा होती है
तो उसके हकदार बदल जाते हें....!!


Thank you papa!

Read caption for the full letter...

Papa, Thank you for the nights when you stayed awake to see I didn’t cry and mom slept well! Thank you for the mornings when you woke up at 5 with me and let me play with your beard Thank you for the evenings with the Nivea cream massage and making me fall in love with the brand! Thank you for the afternoons when you called me to see how I am doing and came home fine from school Thank you for bringing the best gifts from all your trips ❤️ Thank you for being there for me when I dreamt my future Thank you for watching me fulfilling my dream ❤️ Thank you for having my back always when I stumbled and cried Thank you for making me a princess of my own kingdom and yet teaching me the best values Thank you for being the best dad I could ask for ❤️ YourQuote Baba #yqbaba #yourquote #yourstory #papa #father #fatherslove #fatherdaughter