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Joined 18 July 2018
suboohi sheikh 25 NOV AT 0:21

"What is true love?"
They asked
"A myth."
I replied


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suboohi sheikh 10 NOV AT 13:53

"If I Were A Poem"

If I were a poem,
it would be a sonnet.
Short, rythmic, meaningful
and systematic.
Easy to read,
complex to study,
difficult to grasp,
imperfect and steady.
Composed with the rules,
restricted with the dimensions.
Still very capable
in heartful implementation.
Strict in the tone,
flexible in the rhyme.
Having different phases ,
enhanting as a thyme.


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suboohi sheikh 7 NOV AT 23:47

"Life Of Birds"

Away from these dusty roads,
away from the venomous air.
A world full of freedom,
a world of no fear.
Flying above the oceans,
touching height of the sky.
Flapping in the azure,
playing with the butterfly.
Resting on the mountains,
twittering the melodious sound.
Waking the sleepy people,
signifying the beautiful dawn.
Seeking the tinny straws,
in the sunny messy crowd.
Flying high above the limits,
adding colours to the clouds.
Starving in the summers,
finding shelter in the rain.
Fighting with the troubles,
being firm in the pain.


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suboohi sheikh 1 NOV AT 0:07

No one is interested in knowing your stories and struggles unless you become successful.


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suboohi sheikh 25 SEP AT 4:28

If love is the most beautiful thing in the world,
then it's delusion is the most destructive one.


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suboohi sheikh 12 SEP AT 8:17

Be the slave of your own choices,
not of the world's forces.


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suboohi sheikh 10 SEP AT 10:21

I don't want our love to limit in a story.
It must be a never-ending series of enchanting novel.


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suboohi sheikh 7 AUG AT 23:51

"My Dream World"

Away from these people,
Away from this world,
Away from these fancies
And away from this venomous air.
All I want is a world with
No homes,
No cages,
No borders
And no wages.
Morning on the mountain,
Night on the shore,
Living like a peripatetic
Who have a lot to explore.
A day full of purpose,
A failure full of hope,
A night of satisfaction,
And a life full of growth.


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suboohi sheikh 29 JUL AT 23:35

Yes, I have changed,
I have changed my priorities,
I am taking some uncertain risks.
Yeah, it may cause a bit pain but it is a lot satisfying.


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suboohi sheikh 14 JUL AT 12:41

No priest or maulvi can define the divine relationship between you and Him (God).


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