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Zeel Thakkar 2 HOURS AGO

માનવી પાસે
કશું ના હોય તો અભાવ નડે છે,
થોડું હોય તો ભાવ નડે છે અને
બધુ હોય તો સ્વભાવ નડે છે..


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Samriddhi 2 HOURS AGO

: Yeah tell me ma'am!
: I can't sleep at night doctor,
: Ohk lemme check, would suggest medicines then.
: Oh but I don't want any, my daughter needs.
: Pardon me?
: She screams all the night "It's still paining mom; I can't take it any more, it's bleeding inside, help me mom, I never wanted to leave, they didn't only forced themselves on me but killed my dreams too, do you miss me mom? I miss you, help me mom, this pain will never let me rest in peace." Can you suggest some relief for her doctor? I truly can't sleep at night
: Why didn't you take her to me then:
: I can't, she's not staying with us, we left her alone in the cremation ground on 16 Dec 2012, she comes back every night, help me doctor, I can't sleep at night


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Bk sinha (Bulbul) 3 HOURS AGO

किसी के तारीफों की मोहताज नहीं हैं हम
खुदा की रहमत से खुद में लाजवाब हैं हम


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Rohit Bamniya 3 HOURS AGO

दिन रात, मेहनत-पसीना करके
गरीब ने दो रोटी को जुगाड़ा है।

कमब्खत अमीर को तो इस
नाम और दौलत ने बिगाड़ा है।।

लफ्जो में "तहज़ीब" रखे
लहजे से अकड़ निकले तो
हर इंसान भोला भाला है।

तुमसे कुछ अर्थ निकले तो रख लेना
मैने बड़ी "तहरीर" से हर शब्द संभाला है।


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DuFFerZone YouTuBe/Fb/inst 3 HOURS AGO

जिंदगी को जनवरी सपने दिखाती है,

और दिसंबर हकीकत..!


Neelanshi S 3 HOURS AGO

They are not humans anymore.

They are just zombies suckin humanity around.


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Radhika Mishra* राधिक मिश्रा 4 HOURS AGO

It's lonely out there,
Materialistic life brings u alone,
Top u go, lonelier it gets!

It's silent out there,
Rushing in life makes u hear numb,
The faster u go, those voices deafen!

It's merciless out there,
Competing with all- world seems to be tough
The more negative you compete, humanity seems merciless!

It's happier out there,
Reaching out with all hearts,
The more u connect, that warmth caresses u!

It's always better with people around,
It's always beautiful with all shades of people,
They make u learn... They make u realise,
Absorbed u get with oneself, everything seems hazy and tough!


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Aman Sharma 5 HOURS AGO

Haan nahi hoon mai nar si nahi nari si Komal hu
Bss insaaniyat ki hi anokhi si murat hu
Khilkhilate aangan me ek din ki hi zarurat hu
Naanchne gaane hu aati dua ki ek surat hu
Haste rehte hai sab dekh mujhko phir v samaaj me badsurat hu
Bhagwaan dwara nirmit mai v bahut khoobsurat hu
Kyu ghrina karte ho itna mujhse Ki apne paas baithaane se v aapatti hai
Tere maathe ki shikan aur hothon ki hassi samajh jaati hu main
Tum Insaan kv mujhe samajh nhi paoge
Tum do badan ho , Par mai hi akeli tum dono ki murat hu

Haan nahi hu main tum logo jaisi

par Haan main bahut khubsurat hu.


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Nishtha Shukla 5 HOURS AGO

She was late again. In order to get home comfortably, she booked a cab from office to home.
Reached by 11 o'clock. To her surprise, the cab driver didn't revert immediately. When she asked about it , he said :
"Sister, I was waiting for you to get inside your home. Just to ensure my passenger's safety" and smiled infused with a fortitude from heaven.
Yes! Good men existed!


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