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Content Writer- World Book of Records, London.
Author- The Talking Stories and I in Life.
Joined 11 November 2016

Content Writer- World Book of Records, London.
Author- The Talking Stories and I in Life.
Joined 11 November 2016
18 NOV AT 23:32

It would be in my old write ups,
Which make me feel new always.
The only place and my only space,
Where I zoom into my struggles and
The take away is always a rejuvenated determination.


18 NOV AT 23:24

Exciting or thrilling,
But towards the end,
Is where the light waits for you.


18 NOV AT 0:07

The rights and wrongs of anything.
Since right and wrong are just the perspects,
Not the truth.


11 NOV AT 1:04

No matter how much we humans have tried to imprison you between the clocks and watches, but we could still never hold you.

But you have showed us the art of letting go. Since it is the only essence of life. By letting go things, which cannot be controlled, you have taught us that we are humans and just because we can get all the materials within a click on screen, we still cannot conquer you.

Because you are not made to be won or be at war with. You are a companion. A true one, which warns, weilds, punishes and also heals.

This much understanding about you is the result of many impatient decisions which I took in the heat of the moment.

But lately, I have met your best friend- patience and I must say, I quite liked it and now befriending it with lot of mindfullness. Hope we three make a good company.

Expectantly yours’


23 OCT AT 23:37

While you never disappointed me in living upto your name, I am sure you too must have got disappointed that despite of you being so principled about your way of life, I never took refuge inside you in the name of gloom.

Though I must admit that you have been a strong contender, to put stakes of putting my life imbalanced with your weight, but I was wise enough to give muscle training to my courage all the time.

So just to let you know, while you were day dreaming about your strength, my courage was working its wits out day in day out. And mind you! It’s never the matter of victory or loss, because I had never let you win the toss.

Unfaithfully yours


9 OCT AT 0:42

It would be “love”,
where it would be residing.
If fear had an address,
we would not need to think of
reasons of loving someone,
Because there are none,
Except the fear of being alone.


30 SEP AT 0:27

That love is born out of fear;
The fear of losing love.


30 SEP AT 0:25

I wanted you.

I want myself back.


30 SEP AT 0:23

Where minds sleep and hearts stay bright.


26 SEP AT 15:17

“Listening” is like buying veggies for you. You handpick whatever you want to listen to. And then you cherry pick whatever you want to cook out of it with the help of brain. Meanwhile you and brain cook perceptions together, I keep wondering how you communicate? Through texts or calls? Which gadget you use?

But let me confess one thing. You have been a saviour. Whenever you fell sick (which you are most of the times) and could not overhear the so called gossip about me, it worked. You saved me from a disease named overthinking and thus I happily credit you for my happy go lucky sanity.

In Love with Your Half Deaf being


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