Language Festival 2018



You are not your name 
And the tons of money you spend.
You are not a nail 
That get painted every single day.
You are not a colour 
That highlights your hair cut.
You are not that curvy 
That took your hips to new extend.                          Somewhere,
                                                                   you are a peter parker
To your "mumma" callng for dinner.
A bitch to your "brother" asking for your cheese dip.
Gal gadot in your "papa's" word.
Just a new whore to your frnd's girlfriends.
Not just to call but admirable "jaan" to that special person.
Piece of  shitty perspective for your "sister's" consideration.
 Say it 
Its between you and me.
Just you and me 


Nothing is absolute.
And everything is uncertain.
So don't stuck for 1.