Love me or i love you
No matter who are you
Think like me
Or i thought about you
No matter who are you
Destiny meant by me
Or u are not my destiny
Still i love you



As far as I know,
I write,
Owing to you.

                           They know,
                           But you don't.

Fiction! Fiction! Fiction!😂😂 ❤ #YQbaba#asfar#challenge #dailychallenge#YourQuote#yqdidi#you#words#love#yqtales


Us to YOU.... 

(Read in caption)

Far away I hear the noise of shattering glasses,  We sit here making the snowman,  Our laughter echoes across the trees,  For a moment, I'm terrified whether our laughter will be heard by them ..I ask you to shush, but I don't tell you the reason , for I cannot see a wrinkle on that face.  The noise is near, "Let's move further ahead, my love" - I say to you.  As we move ahead, I look back and see that the army is destroying each memory that comes across their path.. I want to hide us in the snow,  I want to hide us in the caves,  I want to keep you for myself, locked away... I see the gardens in the distance, the secret garden which will keep us together, eternally.. We run towards it, you are oblivious of the truth.. inches away from the door, I freeze and stop you too from running... I look deeply into your eyes and tell you -  "I will always love you, no matter what". And I push you towards the army and leap into the garden and shut the door which closes the entrance forever.. I can hear your scream in the distance and I wail silently.. I say to you , even though I know you cannot hear it -"hush now, the pain will only last a few seconds more, darling.. They are almost done and when they reach you, you will be away from me for eternity, for they will wipe away every memory of mine.. you will be freed and they will find happiness.." #yqbaba#YQtales#you