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Writer | Poet | Blogger
Joined 18 October 2016
Jhelum Anikhindi 6 OCT AT 19:14

What I would give
To wander inside your thoughts
To swim within your depths
To explore new horizons of your mind
To know what makes you, you
What hurts you, angers you
Melts you and warms you
What moves you, holds you
Softens you and calms you
Everything about you,
Is all I want to know.


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Jhelum Anikhindi 20 SEP AT 19:43

I kept wishing on falling stars
Like they were genies
Waiting to grant me three wishes
When all I really needed
Was just the one
To be able to

Perpetually sleep.


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Jhelum Anikhindi 19 AUG AT 15:31

You’re a whole person
All on your own
Much before they came along
And long after they’re gone.


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Jhelum Anikhindi 17 AUG AT 15:25

You know not
What aches this heart
You know not
What aches yours
I do not know either
Maybe it is the ache of being left
Being left behind
Being left alone
Being left aside
But mostly it aches
Because it wonders
If this fear keeps us together


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Jhelum Anikhindi 9 AUG AT 18:32


That feeling when your insides are in a perpetual numbness making you unable to express from a deeper place, all your emotions are surface level and your mind feels constipated.


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Jhelum Anikhindi 17 JUN AT 18:01

My heart belongs
Somewhere I’ve never been
Inside your heart

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Jhelum Anikhindi 13 JUN AT 12:09

Take my hand, let’s walk in silence,
Let’s quietly slip away
From our miseries and pains
Into a retreat from ourselves
Amongst the greens
And stars
Let’s wake up in peace
With smiles as natural
As the sun.


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Jhelum Anikhindi 11 JUN AT 21:37

There were days when I thought everything current was all that my life could be. It felt like every detail that was defined about my life was final and I’ll never be able to change that. I thought physical and mental illness were all I’d ever be.

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Jhelum Anikhindi 25 MAY AT 14:58

To the one who reminded me, I deserved more

We started on a lie, that we’d be together forever. We fixated on it for so long we forgot who we were becoming to adamantly reach that goal. We forgot what we were doing to each other and ourselves, destroying everything good because we were desperate to fix the bad. Toxic, is how I remember that version of us; resentful, selfish and grudge holding. We were consciously walking down the path of self destruction, we were scared the tipping point was nearing. It was, it came and it hit us both hard, it broke the chains and the love, to liberate us from the shackles.


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Jhelum Anikhindi 18 MAY AT 17:58

When we met, he wasn’t much of a tea lover. Over time, tea became a part of our morning routine. From never knowing how to make tea to waking me up on a random Tuesday to a steaming cup, we came a long way. From being very particular about how it was made, to making adjustments and compromises on the concoction depending on what was available, we came a long way. From always knowing it’ll turn out fine to redoing it when the milk broke, we came a long way. As long as we are making it, day after day, we enjoy it no matter how it tastes now.


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