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Writer | Poet | Blogger
Joined 18 October 2016
20 SEP 2019 AT 19:43

I kept wishing on falling stars
Like they were genies
Waiting to grant me three wishes
When all I really needed
Was just the one
To be able to

Perpetually sleep.


19 AUG 2019 AT 15:31

You’re a whole person
All on your own
Much before they came along
And long after they’re gone.


13 JUN 2019 AT 12:09

Take my hand, let’s walk in silence,
Let’s quietly slip away
From our miseries and pains
Into a retreat from ourselves
Amongst the greens
And stars
Let’s wake up in peace
With smiles as natural
As the sun.


15 MAY 2019 AT 22:40

I’d publish a library
Full of books
On the way you smile
When you’re really happy
And how it fills me with joy
How it heals my heart and mind
How it works like medicine
Almost magic sometimes


16 APR 2019 AT 9:09

I see a beautiful verse
Or a few ballads somedays
When I look at you

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11 APR 2019 AT 21:06

I grew up believing
I was the storm
The disruption
The broken link
I bore the flame
Head held high
Against the odds
And the winds
Then the flame
Turned on me
The real storms
Broke my skin
To the bones
Falling, stumbling
Building and creating
I rose as the flame
That rides the storm


27 NOV 2018 AT 13:19

For the first time
These winged feet
Wish to rest
Anywhere, next to you.


13 OCT 2018 AT 17:23

I struggled to
Amplify my silences
Turn the tears
Into some form of words
Hoping you would learn
This language some day
While you watch me burn

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20 MAR 2018 AT 20:39

To the world,
I'm like the bloom of spring
Resurfacing occasionally
Never to be found, still

To you,
I'll be the north star
Guiding, forever constant
Even when not found


19 MAR 2018 AT 19:10

They all read me through
The glasses I provided
Woven filters of words
With you,
I left all those words behind
And let you read me,
Within silence.


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