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Writer | Poet | Blogger
Joined 18 October 2016
28 SEP 2020 AT 19:33

I focused on the handwriting.

When it was the unsaid
That really mattered.


11 APR 2020 AT 15:08

I don’t wear my scars like a treasure anymore
I don’t wear them on my sleeve like my heart
I put them in bottles with letters
About the story of how I got them
And let them go like the people who gave them
I don’t want to carry those rock heavy emotions
On my shoulders while my flowers try to bloom
Because they’re just not worth my energy anymore
They’re not worth the spotlight I put on them
Through my words and canvases
I’ve destroyed the walls that held them in
I’ve found the shore
I’ve found the light
I don’t want to use them as crutches
That I need to define who I am
But the stories are still mine to share
To guide another soul that has lost itself


21 JAN 2020 AT 9:31

Every morning as I leave the house to head to work, it’s always a journey of it’s own kind. A mental map of places I’ll cross, watch the beach and sea be peaceful without too many humans crowding, the morning walkers and joggers, the kids saying goodbyes at the gates, the homeless in their slumbers and hundred others hurrying to get where they need to be - some towards today others towards a better tomorrow. I watch the early risers settling in a Starbucks window, wishing I was still in that phase of life, the homemakers out on their daily chores, wishing I could live that life too. In the many moments, I live many lives mentally still travelling towards my current one.


16 JAN 2020 AT 9:57

We sat cuddled, carefree
The sky was clear with hope
Our plants glowing, blooming
Happiness engulfed us
But soon it was time
For you to leave
This momentary separation
Felt more like isolation
My heart began missing you
Echoing my feelings
The sky turned grey
The plants lost lustre
The air lost its warmth
And the sun refused to rise

I’m not the only one
Who needs your love

It’s time to come back


27 DEC 2019 AT 10:09

Sometimes you make me think, you want to leave. Sometimes, you let me believe I need to let you go. Sometimes, just sometimes. Then you pull back so hard, you make me wonder if I was hallucinating before yet, sometimes you make me think you want to leave. Like you’d want to erase the steps we’ve taken to be here, disappear piece by piece from my mind and heart as if you were never here. As if this is the dream I have been living of you and me; me naive and desperate for love, you, a figment of my wildest imagination.


11 DEC 2019 AT 19:18

It’s been a while, since I wrote about you. It’s been so long, I can’t remember the last thing I wrote about you. We’ve exchanged a few long texts and letters. It used to be easier, to somehow do both, when we lived away; to document everything we hit send on and things I didn’t. Those unsaid words in between the lines found ways to settle cryptically onto blank black canvases. They found a way to reach you, secretly holding your attention longer than the verses effortlessly. The words made the wait to feel your face, your warmth and arms around me, somehow bearable. It helped me dream, dream of the moments we shared. The longer we are together, the safer I feel, the less I write.


26 NOV 2019 AT 8:36

All my ideas about love, had an expression of aggression, obsession disguised as passion and it allowed for venomous hatred. Built on my own nature of extremes, my love didn’t understand the nuances of unconditional. My love knew sacrifice because I was all in or didn’t exist at all, it learned priorities and accommodated. My love demanded the constant push and pull to feel needed and desired, there was no love without some drama. I thought the waves crashing on to the shore was love. My love was tough yet naive, it was devotional but selfish. My love was blinded, damaged and cunning. My love was childish to think it was sustainable.


6 OCT 2019 AT 19:14

What I would give
To wander inside your thoughts
To swim within your depths
To explore new horizons of your mind
To know what makes you, you
What hurts you, angers you
Melts you and warms you
What moves you, holds you
Softens you and calms you
Everything about you,
Is all I want to know.


20 SEP 2019 AT 19:43

I kept wishing on falling stars
Like they were genies
Waiting to grant me three wishes
When all I really needed
Was just the one
To be able to

Perpetually sleep.


19 AUG 2019 AT 15:31

You’re a whole person
All on your own
Much before they came along
And long after they’re gone.


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