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Tanisha Rajput
8 MAY AT 14:34

I hope you are fine
with a cigarette and wine.

The smoke which used to
suffocate me
is now what i run behind.

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Priyanka writes
1 MAR AT 12:10

Is there any sense ?
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Sagnika Roy Choudhury
8 JAN AT 20:49

On cold nights like these, I miss you even more.

You are not here to help me finish that big steaming bowl of chicken soup.

You are not here for me to put my cold hand inside the big pocket of your overcoat.

You are not here to wrap your arms around me while I rubbed the tip of my cold nose on your neck.

You are not here to get annoyed at how I always sleep with my feet outside the blanket however cold it got.

You are not here and so on cold nights like these I miss you even more.



Aishwarya Swarup
13 MAR 2017 AT 1:57

Homeless in Holi

..Cont in caption.


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shraddha pawar
19 JAN AT 21:44

I knew you
I loved you
But you know
some ghosts do look
real enough,
to be felt.
surreal enough
to be left,
within the voids of dark.


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