किस्मत पे यकीन करनेवाले को अक्सर चाँद से बाते करते देखा है,
रोटी भी नसीब नहीं होती इंसान को यहाँ, लकीरें तो उनके हाथ में भी देखी है !!!

#Random #You will get nothing if you rely on your luck and find excuses. Decide what you want, take a step towards it, road will be automatically create. #Credit goes to Tushar Rastogi #YQbaba #Yopowrimo


Being in your vicinity for a time so long,
We began our connectivity only after a peg so strong,
Though it all blossomed with me setting up the plot,
Your amiability supported my fascination for you a lot,
From our extended talks with a sea of formality,
We've​ come far enough to be each other's "constants" so naughty,
Though the separation proved to be a barrier for long,
But our bonding has never seemed to be going any wrong,
The child in you has a charm so attractive,
It makes me and my loneliness so repulsive,
I treasure you as the one most "compatible",
N bestow my LOVE upon you for being the one; most affable!!❤❤

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