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A wanderer in the land of chaos.
Joined 31 October 2016

A wanderer in the land of chaos.
Joined 31 October 2016
Nitin S Nadig 1 APR AT 23:40

So much
Of you,
Was detail

So much
Of me,
The eye that missed

A world
Of difference,
Hidden in


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Nitin S Nadig 31 MAR AT 23:25

The dead poetry whispered
Two words into
The lonely night,

"Why now?"

And the night with
All its wisdom and
Experience said to poetry

"Why not?"



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Nitin S Nadig 27 MAR AT 20:51

The air has a feeling
Of loneliness embedded,
The summer heat
Feels cold at heart,
Anxiety is at bay
And hunger screams
In agony

But then admist
All the choas,
He fell in love,
With himself
All over again.



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Nitin S Nadig 21 MAR AT 20:37

On days when
The silence is deafening,
When warmth is scare
And dreams are rare,
When memories begin
To haunt you
And sleep stares at you
Like a lost lover,
When what is amiss
Is everything you miss,
I realize it is
An empty bed.


Empty bed.

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Nitin S Nadig 4 JAN AT 22:08

There is an universe
In dreams that
Is difficult to fathom,
And even more
difficult to inhibit

And yet where i falter
To even imagine myself,
You gracefully exist
Like a cold winter,
A universe of dreams.



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Nitin S Nadig 25 DEC 2019 AT 18:43

The clothes I wear


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Nitin S Nadig 16 NOV 2019 AT 21:55

Not all crows are black
Not all truths are white.



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Nitin S Nadig 9 NOV 2019 AT 22:06

Hurt pours
faster than
the rain

But these days
here in Bengaluru,
Hurt pours hurriedly,
At random times,
Most of the time.



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Nitin S Nadig 4 NOV 2019 AT 20:44

Dear Fiza,

Someday when the wind stops whispering, you'll know it was me. You will see the orange street light reflect on your window pane and you'll remember the time when we were kids and looked into each other's eyes. Silence was all that was spoken. Silence was all that was required. When the creeper plant is all grown up and slightly peeks its way up near your balcony, you'll remember the time when you asked to eat your favorite chat one rainy evening. You will remember me in those random moments that will make you gasp for breath. You will remember me when you least expect it, like when you see the wrapper of the chewing gum I used to eat. And somedays when you go to sleep, you will know what memory you will wake up to. And somedays when you wake up, you'll know the memory you fell asleep to. You will remember me even in your forgetfulness. Especially in there. You will, you will remember me.



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Nitin S Nadig 3 NOV 2019 AT 2:23

Your cold whisper
Dies in the night,
Like a forgotten apology

When the dreams come
You are too worried of
Sorry being the landscape,

You hold on to the
Hope of being forgiven
Like a young childrens treat

You hope that love
Stays with the peace,
And not run away with the fight.


Cold whispers.

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