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A wanderer in the land of chaos.
Joined 31 October 2016

A wanderer in the land of chaos.
Joined 31 October 2016
Nitin S Nadig 15 SEP AT 20:12

When it rains
It makes a sound
Against the roof
And for every droplet
I count your name

Today it
rains lightly,
Tommorow it
will flood.



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Nitin S Nadig 14 SEP AT 19:43

As children,
We make up stories.

As adults,
We try to hide them.



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Nitin S Nadig 11 SEP AT 21:43

Words haunt me
Day and night

Till somedays
I can't stop writing

And on others
I can't write.



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Nitin S Nadig 27 MAR AT 19:47

The evening is raw,
Rawer than your expectations
That you silently bury
Without a hatchet

The night is long,
Longer than your disappointments
That silently bury you
With a hatchet

This game
We name it life,
This life
Names us games.


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Nitin S Nadig 23 MAR AT 21:32

Dear Fiza,

I miss you on the days sun rises. I know it sort of does every day, it would be so weird if you woke up late one day and looked out of the window to find that there is no sun. Of course there would be no light either but the sky would look so lost, so lonely without its sun. Most days the sun is far, farther than I can imagine, and I imagine little. I mean you could almost give me a certificate telling I have low imagination. You know, that day when the sun set before its time, the news channel went berserk. They accused that the Prime Minister cheated on the Weather Forecasting Department.  It was quite a news. But just the previous day, I had told you right; of how the sun talked to me in a dream. Of how it complained to me that it was tired of its work. He said it was like your 9-5 job that stretches every day. He said he was tired of coming out at 6 and setting at 6, of following all the rules. So that day he had simply decided to go home early. Home? I had asked him in my dream, still sleepy. Yes, he had said and pointed at something. I woke up before I saw what it was. But now I know. It's better to only miss you on the days sun is home and you are not.


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Nitin S Nadig 21 MAR AT 20:06

They say it's spring,
And that everything is
New again,

I look at the pink flowers
Blossoming together
As if on a picnic,
The purple ones
Complimenting them
Like ying and yang,

Amidst them all
There is a lone yellow flower
That catches my eye
It stands there, defiant
Unbothered with the newness
Still feeling the same feelings
We look at each other
And nod.


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Nitin S Nadig 18 MAR AT 19:27

Everything breaks
When hidden

Nothing hides
When broken


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Nitin S Nadig 12 MAR AT 13:40

Dear Fiza,

There is a way to craft some stories. You see you don’t simply start writing about the character or the setting. You wait for them to come to you. And then when they do, you welcome them. There’s this character that is bothering me from so long. He comes and goes as he pleases. But this time looks like he is staying. And allowing me to stay with him. I watch him get up, watch him watch his wife while she is sleeping. I stay with him throughout the day, like a nagging invisible ghost. Remember Headless Nick and the invisible cloak in Harry Potter? I feel like that, a ghost in an invisible cloak. When he shaves and has a minor cut, I am there. Watching the blood flow slowly into the sink. Remember Robert Langdon from Da Vinci code? I feel like that. When he sleeps and has those dreams troubling him, I am there. It’s a strange feeling. Once in a while he looks at me and stares, it is as if he is looking into thin air and I do not know who is staring at whom. Him as me at me or me as him at him.

There is a way to craft some stories. Is this the way you are crafting our story? Or do you have your own little secret way that you won’t share with me?


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Nitin S Nadig 10 MAR AT 19:38

Have hope in love and it will have hope in you.


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Nitin S Nadig 9 MAR AT 22:27

Today the Battle
Is between
Silence and words,

If silence wins
There will be no words,
If words win
You can't hear the silence

You make sure silence
Doesn't win
And I make sure
Words won't win you.


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