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Asked for a daughter, sometimes the son should ask where did he go.

Justice for Asifa. Destroy the mischief- makers. Save our daughter, Save our women. #women #doughter


He thrust his fist between her eyes with a melody that sings doom. Fury in his eyes like a preying lion about to lost it's prey.  Like Bulls on a rampage His ego pumps every time his fist dances.
She cowards behind her hands shielding herself from the battering. With a scorched body and a blank soul. She longs for solace in oblivion!
In her blankness is a familiar stranger, whom she feels love for. Only the love she feels is of hatred for his Domestic Injustice on her body and soul.


Domestic Violence. This is one of the most antagonising trauma anyone can face. It's causes both physical and mental pain. It's a very large case study that cut across so many aspects in life. But my case study today is Domestic Violence on Women. It is considered barbaric for a man to hit a woman, not to talk of battering. Once a man raises his hands to hit you more than once, then such person if not checked properly can do more harm. • It's a very traumatic experience to constantly live in fear of being killed. • It's traumatic if someone you look up to suddenly swings into a devilish character that aims to harm. • It's traumatic to battle emotional and physical abuse. • It's traumatic to feel hate in love. • It's traumatic when your body is constantly used as a punching bag. • It's traumatic living in a home that takes blood and pain from you. •Its traumatic when there's no peace of mind in your home. •Domestic abuse is traumatic. NOTE: Women trapped in violent relationships need to know that there's no shame in talking out and walking out on their abusive partners. #domesticviolence #stoptheviolence #women #domesticviolenceagainstwomen #stopthetorture #saynotodomesticviolence #letlovereign #peaceofmind