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Ritwika Rani 47 MINUTES AGO

Strong women are
capable of doing
You name.
They do.
You can
they can

Until they
Not to.


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Monika Gond 47 MINUTES AGO

Yess!!! They do ..
Every inch of skin will measured ..
Every step you taken will considerd ..
Every breath you having will count..
Being eminent in society ..
Is not reasonable in it !!


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Shahul Hameed AN HOUR AGO

நடனம் படைத்து அவனே அவளிடம்
நளினம் படைத்தான்

கொட்டும் அருவி போலே அங்கம்
அழகை சேர்த்தான்

மேலும் மெல்லிய இடையில் பேசும்
வளைவை வடித்தான்

எத்தனை ரசனை அவனுக்கு அடடா
மொத்தம் சித்திரம்

இத்தனை ரசிக்கும் பேரின்பம் மட்டும்
ஆணின் கண்களுக்கு


Vishakha Purohit 2 HOURS AGO

She agitated finally and said
True love is not just fucking someone everyday and night
It's a passion and not a necessity ...
She said finally after years of falling prey to her husband's violence and so called needs


Anup Patel 3 HOURS AGO

Really say. People woman have mind is not only that every relationship plays. Without any means.


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Prabhat Upadhyay 3 HOURS AGO

Why still waiting ?
Did you gave her
Any reason to come.
You must think, there's a lot
Of croud like you.
Just move on dude,
She's isn't coming back.


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Roopali Tandon 3 HOURS AGO

उग आते हैं जिस रोज़ पीठ पर पंख
लड़कियाँ तितली बन कर मुस्कुराती हैं ...


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ammar jokhio 4 HOURS AGO

why's the girl always been discriminated,
Mostly in Asia the girls are been degraded,, When it comes on boys and girls the boy's are given more attention are are provided with more opportunities,
Always the man has control over women, in this God centered universe no human has the right to rule over other human then where is this law came from,,,


Ankita Apurva 4 HOURS AGO

Who told you we are just friends,
When you can read my eyes
In seventeen languages
When you can teach my wings
That glass ceilings
Is non existent a concept
For women
Who together
Can fly
Such the oceans would sink
Into the meteoric craters
We breathe
Into each other's sighs
How the stars get aligned into a
Catastrophic carpet for their flight.


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