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Shrey Saxena 19 JUN 2017 AT 10:23

Five swords were down,
Out of those eleven.
Entered he the pitch,
As the clock struck seven.
The ball played tricks,
Still he hit those sixes.
Safe shots, clean shots,
Away from all mixes.
"I may be bleeding,
But I'm not dead yet."
Roared every heart,
Keep going ahead.
Knocking ball out of the park,
Bringing back from the dark.
Not a beautiful ball,
But an unresponded call,
Gave that major fall.
A man not bound by kin,
A man who played for a win.
Passion found life,
Let the words flow,
No reaction denied,
A frustration justified.


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Poovendhiran Mohanan 7 JUL 2018 AT 22:26

I was tired of watching
team India reach the finals
only to lose, every time.

Until you came and
everything changed.
You taught us how to win.
You are my captain
then, now, and always.


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Mahendra Inaniya 8 MAR AT 15:00

यह मोहब्बत वतन के लिए है यारों
इसमें नफा नुकसान नहीं देखा जाता


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Sakshi Vashist 8 JAN AT 22:18

11 girls
Turned into team
By one man
For the nation


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Congratulations Team India,
You are the reason of our pride,
Jai hind वन्दे मातरम्


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Satish Chandra 3 APR 2017 AT 21:27


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Smriti Kurup 24 JUL 2017 AT 14:29

"Hey, did you watch Wonder Woman?"

" Oh yeah , I watched Wonder Women on the pitch yesterday!"


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Mahendra Inaniya 4 AUG 2018 AT 8:12

#Viru_Paaji का आशीर्वाद सदा #Team_India के साथ हैं ! 🖐️😎


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Vivek Thakur 30 MAY AT 11:59

आज से विश्व कप का हो रहा "आगाज़" है, फिर से विश्व विजेता बनने का सुनहरा मौका हमारे "पास" है।

हर एक हिंदुस्तानी को अपनी टीम से बहुत "आस" है, तुम्हारी जीत के लिए सब कर रहे "अरदास" हैं।

पाकिस्तान को फिर "पीटना" है, लंका को फिर "जलाना" है, विश्व पटल पर भर हुँकार, विश्व के दिग्गजों को "हराना" है।

हिंदुस्तान का कोई सानी नही ये पूरी दुनिया को "दिखाना" है, विश्व कप अपने नाम कर, भारत का डंका दुनिया में "बजाना" है।

1983 के उस स्वर्णिम इतिहास को एक बार फिर "दोहराना" है, लॉर्ड्स के उस ऐतिहासिक मैदान में एक बार फिर तिरंगा "लहराना" है।


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Niharika Karan 2 FEB 2017 AT 1:04

Raina smashed 63- what an inning, what a come back, superb man.
And Yuvi, the fighter.. those sexy ones, took the beat from heartbeat away, man you are love.
Dhoni, you smasher, where were you all these years hiding behind the team, took a long time to score your maiden T20 half-century, and it was republic watching you playing independently.. you are and you will always remain my No.1.
And Chahal, the insane bowler hiding behind those bushes, you stole the show by 6/25, your first 5 wickets hawl, but not the only one for sure.
Mishra, the game setter, setting the stage for this marvellous win.
Kohli, The Virat Run Machine, though the bat was silent, but you king, became the unbeaten captain tonight.
Those catches by Raina and Kohli were enough to make my heart go gaga over them.
Raina you beauty😍
This match was splendid one. What a match! Dude no one can beat Dhoni behind the wickets.
This is beauty of my team. My India.
Washed England so beautifully by winning third T20 by 75 runs.
Splendid. Priceless.
Just wow. A treat to eyes.
Dil se India. Haq se Indian.


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