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#teamindia quotes

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Aman Srivastava 11 JUL AT 9:04

Ek pal ko socho...
Jab kal rat se hmein...
Nind aur sukoon nhi...
Aa rha h...
To kya haal hua hoga...
Team india ke players ka..
Rohit sharma...
Tears in your eyes were...
Really heart breaking...
Stay strong team India...
No matter you loose or win...
We are with you...
We will wait for next world cup...


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MIG 10 JUL AT 23:45

We already won,
i know that we don't have the cup
in our hands,
but we did it
till the end ,
Every moment was an achievement for
We are proud of you


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©rᎥZ_✿_aZოᎥ 10 JUL AT 20:10

The consolation "BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME" just can't motivate until you get closer to that



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Shrey Saxena 19 JUN 2017 AT 10:23

Five swords were down,
Out of those eleven.
Entered he the pitch,
As the clock struck seven.
The ball played tricks,
Still he hit those sixes.
Safe shots, clean shots,
Away from all mixes.
"I may be bleeding,
But I'm not dead yet."
Roared every heart,
Keep going ahead.
Knocking ball out of the park,
Bringing back from the dark.
Not a beautiful ball,
But an unresponded call,
Gave that major fall.
A man not bound by kin,
A man who played for a win.
Passion found life,
Let the words flow,
No reaction denied,
A frustration justified.


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Poovendhiran Mohanan 7 JUL 2018 AT 22:26

I was tired of watching
team India reach the finals
only to lose, every time.

Until you came and
everything changed.
You taught us how to win.
You are my captain
then, now, and always.


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Mahendra Inaniya 8 MAR AT 15:00

यह मोहब्बत वतन के लिए है यारों
इसमें नफा नुकसान नहीं देखा जाता


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Armaan Khehra 14 JUL AT 10:47

Congratulations Team India,
You are the reason of our pride,
Jai hind वन्दे मातरम्


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Sakshi Vashist 8 JAN AT 22:18

11 girls
Turned into team
By one man
For the nation


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Satish Chandra 3 APR 2017 AT 21:27


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