Shrey Saxena (रहनुमा)

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Shrey Saxena 16 JAN AT 0:03

Everyone starts with what a person is, let me start with "isn't". Shaily isn't pretentious, neither as a writer, nor as a person.

That's one quality so hard to find in anyone. Her writings revolve mostly around love and motivation, arguably, few of the most important things required to live a life.

Someone who welcomes criticism and appreciation, all with the same enthusiasm and craziness. And someone who's one of the underrated writers who're growing steadily.

Much love! Take care!


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Shrey Saxena 14 JAN AT 3:23

Do you believe in

You went to the Blossom book house in Bengaluru, the old one. It has been your favorite place for years. It has seen your highs and lows, it has seen you high and sober. A life that is summarized by last two lines for last two years.

Mr. Rajendran, the store manager, passes you a smile and offers to shake hand for you're there after 2 months. As you move ahead towards your favorite section of 'Fiction', someone bumps into you with a pile of books at the internal section crossing. You sigh and go down to help the 'someone' who's already picking up her books until her ring catches your attention.

With half pile in respective brace, you both rise up. A familiar face that was once half your life didn't remind you of anything, an empty train you appreciated, almost smiled faintly at. But only till another pair of eyes caught your attention, beside her, the only pair you've hated. A train full of last two years just went past as you waited at the train crossing.

Handing over the pile to him, you advance towards your favorite 'fiction' section as reality just lived another life in your eyes seconds ago.

Do you believe in


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Shrey Saxena 14 JAN AT 3:00

अगर कभी वहम को ज़िन्दगी बना बैठो,
तो नशा सिर्फ़ ज़ख़्म का करना।


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Shrey Saxena 11 JAN AT 0:57

Hallucinations are my normal.
Wounds are my high.


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Shrey Saxena 8 JAN AT 0:26

तुमको चंद लफ़्ज़ों में लिख आता हूँ,
बस हर रात तुमसे यूँ मिल आता हूँ।


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Shrey Saxena 7 JAN AT 1:38

घर-मकान के दंगल में समर हो जाती है,
फिर माँ बनते ही वो अमर हो जाती है।


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Shrey Saxena 6 JAN AT 12:23

I sit on my mattress right after getting done with daily chores, washing utensils, brooming and mopping the whole floor inside the flat, namely. I sit here staring into the window right in front of me accompanied by the main door.

I have thoughts in my mind to prioritize on. 3 series are waiting for me to lay my eyes on them, pending from October last year. Pending from last year, there are 12 books that await being read out in my voice. I have to write letters to my beloveds, New Year Letters, precisely. My public instagram channel and a few friends miss my live radio session, again pending from November. And I have to take a few work calls, no, not pending but a part of what I do. And there's a lot more.
Yes, can't do all of it in a day. But a lot can be done today.

"Prioritize to be free as well." Someone put these words in my mind a few years ago.

Well, it isn't complete.

"Prioritize your work accordingly to be free as well from time to time."

Better now. Rise and Shine.


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Shrey Saxena 4 JAN AT 17:17

Bangalore Tips:
Tip number 6;

When you move to Bengaluru,
Grab a random autowala
And ask him
"Kaunse area mein jayega?"

The area he names
Is where you must rent your place.


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Shrey Saxena 3 JAN AT 21:44

Mere Naam Tu | Hindi | Cover

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Shrey Saxena 3 JAN AT 17:23

It is only when
A part of us walks out of our life
That we try to fill it up or replace
With whatever is closest to us.
If only we could REPLACE,
DDLJ with Masaan,
Tinder with YourQuote,
Arijit Singh with Guru Randhawa,
Gloom with Happiness
"Chal, Daaru Peete Hain." stays constant, anyway.

You are poetry,
That writes a paragraph of a story,
From every word of itself as the alpha.
So, let yourself sink
Into yourself. :)
For there'll always be parts
For you to fill yourself with,
But you know what,
You'll always have Choices. :)


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