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Joined 7 September 2017

What's your wildest fantasy?


MIG 12 JUL AT 10:46

Am I only one here
Called carefree,
But have the soft heart.
Everyone has their side of doing
the things in their way,
For them they are right.
So trust yourself
You can achieve anything.


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MIG 10 JUL AT 23:45

We already won,
i know that we don't have the cup
in our hands,
but we did it
till the end ,
Every moment was an achievement for
We are proud of you


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MIG 8 JUL AT 15:49

The importance of money is really important for life,
i guess because i know, you might have your philosophy but that will not work until or unless you achieve that height,
learn to earn,
because sometimes your
work exposes your values.


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MIG 6 JUL AT 13:02

The whole world is sailed,
A bit confused
but two meanings!
Everything which will happen,
will have a reason,
unpredictable pros and cons
beyond your imagination.
Don't trust if it is not yours.
Trust only if it belongs to you.


#world #stillnotblured #trust #yqbaba #yqtales
What you feel about it?

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MIG 4 JUL AT 20:59

am so lonely!
Yes i am since
the day i was born!


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MIG 27 JUN AT 23:41

I won't give up,
I know i can,
i have done,
i will always,
I care


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MIG 26 JUN AT 20:24

I understand phases,
everyone suffer to
Sometimes incompleted will
gives you the charisma to go on.
Its not necessary that we can achieve
all the imaginations.


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MIG 22 JUN AT 22:31

Is having sex a crime before marriage?


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MIG 20 JUN AT 22:27

How much would you rate with comment!


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