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Joined 7 September 2017
MIG 13 FEB AT 16:42

Most obstacles melt away
when you decide to walk boldly through them


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MIG 12 FEB AT 22:00

Man are a lot like infants, if you want to shut them up , put your boobs in their mouth.
They just love to suck it


#single #desire #dreams #yqbaba #yqdidi #boobs
Just an erotica,

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MIG 12 FEB AT 12:49

Is this Valentine's week ?
Singles are best馃榿


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MIG 6 FEB AT 22:35

I hate those people
who make fun of somebody's health
even after watching their past being great,
Don't need to be a part of that
#Bodyshaming #Doesnotbother
#Youropinion #Doesnotmatter


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MIG 2 JAN AT 21:21

I am so lonely 馃.
Obstacles are must,
Distraction needed 馃檭,
Let it be..


MIG 2 JAN AT 0:42

It's a new day
New part,
You need to have your own version of
Whether anybody likes it or not,
beacuse that's you for you.


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MIG 11 DEC 2019 AT 12:42

Always remember,
your behavior takes you away
on the road to success,
The more you get rude
the less you get,
Its your choice now.


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MIG 15 NOV 2019 AT 23:45

Its your Time,
take the risk undoubtedly.
If you won
then be ready for the next hunt,
even if you don't
then also you got the experience
to face it better next time


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MIG 24 OCT 2019 AT 13:06

You Just want _____?
Fill it up!
That will decide what we are馃檭


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MIG 18 OCT 2019 AT 19:22

I will do
because I love,
it's my will.


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