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Joined 7 September 2017
MIG 10 SEP AT 21:41

Your ashes
Still have the fragnance
of My lost city,
Still reminds me
and stops me
for taking a step ahead!


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MIG 5 SEP AT 22:08

It's My way,
I will not change it!
Untill or unless i
say a goodbye,
then also my Ashes
will have their way.
It's My way.


#cinemagraph #yqbaba
what about you?

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MIG 2 SEP AT 22:29

perfection for me is:-
2) expecting failures humbly
3) Dedication
4) passion
5) Goal
6) Sacrifice
7) pain
8) Never give up!


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MIG 25 AUG AT 22:27

Its about me
Yes, I love interacting with new peoples
because i do care,
i believe there is a kind of connection between us,
But never got someone close to my heart with whom i can share everything,
I believe in actions and being direct!
whether it will be successful or not,
I don't have regrets


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MIG 24 AUG AT 0:10

Life is so exciting,
ups and downs,
Pros and cons,
expectations and limitations,
love and war,
struggle and attitude,
poor to rich,
Many more,
but what makes you loyal and royal
is your behavior.
Always love people those who care without expectations.
Rest is your life make it large!


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MIG 20 AUG AT 18:31

Say, go through the darkest of days
Heaven's a heartbreak away
Never let you go, never let me down
Oh, it's been a hell of a ride
Driving the edge of a knife
Never let you go, never let me down


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MIG 16 AUG AT 23:01

Things will not happen
the way you deserve,
it will.


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MIG 15 AUG AT 22:51

Sometimes i feel about
talking to a stranger for endless
with having a little hope of feel of


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MIG 14 AUG AT 21:29

Your Route is clear,
go forward and don't kick it back,
Wanna reach then go get it.


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MIG 11 AUG AT 21:28

What a delicious
Chicken curry馃槄


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