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Joined 7 September 2017
MIG 23 MAR AT 16:36

Corona Go!
Go Corona!


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MIG 20 MAR AT 22:11

Stay safe
and stay home.
Precaution is must,
its not a Joke!
Lets Fight together
and win together.
#coronavirus #WillGo #IFWESTAND


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MIG 19 MAR AT 16:25

You are supposed to have your value,
You feel right,
then start making bucks
beacuse it's very important
for you to realize that it's very important!


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MIG 15 MAR AT 22:45

Be yourself
be you
why keeping other's choices
to be different!
You can make the difference,
do better!
be Yourself (B U)


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MIG 11 MAR AT 19:56

Love you Zindagi!


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MIG 7 MAR AT 0:09

Life is great for singles
like me!
No probs
even no pros and cons,
Interact with globe
explore the nature.


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MIG 1 MAR AT 21:16

Why we need to compare,
if someone is having more than us
doesn't make any sense of getting down,
We have our own stars ,
Just be happy what you have and what you deserve
beacuse many people doesn't have that too and craving for that position.
So respect,
No one is richer than you.
Spread love and drop the ego.
You are itself a brand for your family.


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MIG 29 FEB AT 14:48

In a world of copycats
: - Be an original


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MIG 12 FEB AT 22:00

Man are a lot like infants, if you want to shut them up , put your boobs in their mouth.
They just love to suck it


#single #desire #dreams #yqbaba #yqdidi #boobs
Just an erotica,

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MIG 6 FEB AT 22:35

I hate those people
who make fun of somebody's health
even after watching their past being great,
Don't need to be a part of that
#Bodyshaming #Doesnotbother
#Youropinion #Doesnotmatter


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