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Er Mahendra Porje AN HOUR AGO

Agar tum na hote:

Shayad hum us manzil pe na pohach patey, shayad us mukaam ko bhi haasil naa kar patey, shayad un makhmali gaadhdoo pe bhi naa soo pate, agar tum na hote.
Choda na hota saath humara, bhaley hi kisi maan-mutao main, shayad hum apne zindagi main kuch na hote, agar tum na hote.
Hua dhuk humain, roye they har samay, pr ajj woh hasi naa hoti hoto pe humari, agar tum na hote.
Ha bas ekk hi gila hai, ki ajj bhi jammo ki mehfilo main yeh Mahendra duba hai, shayad yeh haal bhi naa hota agar tum na hote.
Kushi k har muasam main, geet aise gaye humne ki raatey bhale hi biit gayi par woh meffiley fir bhi jaavan rehtey.
Ajj fir usi jagha hum beithey hai, fir meffiley sajayi hai, jaam hai haath main shayad bisway ki tayari hai, yeh assar hey us hasin ka, ki hum kuch likh toh saktey hai uske yaad main, yeh bhi hua naa hota kabhi, agar tum naa hote.

©️ ®️


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ANikét PaNdey 4 HOURS AGO

दिन बीते और सांझ ढले
मेरे मन के आसमान पे तुम्हारे नाम का चाँद चढ़े
जब इश्क़ वाली बात चले
याद तेरी आती है
मुझे बड़ा तड़पाती है
जब निकलूँ ,सुकून की तलाश में
ढूँढू इन गलियों में
जब बैठूं जा के घाट पे
आँखों को बस तेरा इन्तजार रहे
तुम साथ हो मेरे,भले ही पास नहीं
मीत ये नज़दीकियों की मोहताज नहीं
गंगा के इन तीरों सी
तू दूर हो कर भी साथ रहे ।।


Amarjit Dhibar 4 HOURS AGO

এমন ভাবে সেজে আসিস যেন আবার তোর সাথে সেই আগের মতন প্রেমে পড়ে যায়...

(বাকিটা ক্যাপশনে পড়ুন)


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Saurabh Kumar 5 HOURS AGO

"She"- the girl whom i admire every morning.....childish nature yet much mature... having a huge smile which holds a good thousand pain..Every morning...a new Hope..a new Ambition....we all have Pain... she got too.....an Unsharable Thing Jst keepin it Inside. nd FIGHTING. I think now and then of her. Her way. had maked me fall for her....Don't know. to call this a LOVE or not...mayb it's jst a desire of TOGETHERNESS.. yet think of her feelings before mine...Wht would happen....if i tell her....am i riskin our future...wht do i expect....how does she react....she got her problems..i jst want to help..but she's determined...her problems have made her a grt woman...i couldn't ask much of her...we both have our separate paths...yet i wished i could jst hold her.in her pains...if i cld make her happy...if i could make her smile....i could make her believe tht there's someone for her.who..treasure her smile...there's someone to look into her eyes and say yes. u r an angel....These thoughts fill my mind nd heart...and an earnest desire to confess all these...bt..all r useless to her....wishes she could understand one day..Tht There is SOMEONE who sees through her fake smile....🍃


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hadiya 6 HOURS AGO

Everyone said"Love is fear,
Fear is love "
But she got one who made her his wall of fear and fire for love ❤️


Asha Tiwari 6 HOURS AGO

I do understand how you went throught it .Believe it , I do . I also understand what emotions you must have went through typing those huge paragraphs approximately counting to 675 words . How many days you must have tried not to ..and ohhhh !! that constant tug of war between your head and heart must have torn you apart .
You must have smiled on some words ,sobbed through some sentences & may be , your bestie would have helped you in suggesting few lines . Oh how you must have proofread it twice or thrice and how your hands would have shivered before sending me that text just like when they shivered for the first time when I touched you .
I also understand that love is the purest form of emotion that one feels for another and that falling in love with me was the best decision you thought you ever could have taken ....and readers ...if you ask me what I did ...!!! Well, I just deleted my half written breakup text and thanked him for being honest with me and that we would be friends for lifetime .
I think sometimes when you fall in love ..
You just ...fall ...& the truth is ,
Fooling ourselves isn't that easy ...and don't we all scream silently somewhere within ..!!


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