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22 DEC 2021 AT 23:16

Ever you approach mutton shop for potatoes,
Don't promote your YouTube channels on yourquotes.


4 NOV 2017 AT 18:13

When they don’t text you back but they online.
Yeah I felt that shit...


2 JUN 2020 AT 22:20

The worst feeling not getting reply back from someone you really want to talk to ...


20 JUN 2019 AT 22:36

Message seen✅ but no
सच मे इन्सान तो यही😢
देख कर मर जाता है....।💔


7 MAR 2019 AT 18:56

When Few Yqians are keep
commenting to my quotes even
I'm not replying to them !
My Reaction Be Like


22 JUN 2020 AT 22:23

सितारों से ऊँचा जहाँ देंगे उड़ने के लिए खुला आसमान देंगे,
तेरे लिये हर इन्तेहान देंगे दुनियाँ तुझे कुछ दे ना दे तेरे लिए तो हम अपनी जान देंगे...


7 OCT 2020 AT 23:45

"Not Replying"
Doesn't mean we are busy with Something or Someone Everytime....

Even our Loneliness
Keep us busy in our own world
In a war against our own Thoughts Sometime....


26 APR 2020 AT 9:15

Can we normalize not replying to people when we don’t feel like we want to.


14 OCT 2020 AT 0:49

She: Hi

He: Hello

She : How are you..

He: I am good ..And you?

She: Now feeling better....

Initiating"Conversation" everytime doesn't hurt ....
What hurts is not getting reply...


6 JUN 2020 AT 18:13

Kuch logo ke message ka
Reply milna

Corona ki vaccine milne
Ke barabar hai..!!