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#mothersday quotes

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Harsh Snehanshu 13 MAY 2018 AT 22:24

माँ वो पेड़ है
जिसकी छाया जितनी दूर जाओ
उतनी ज़्यादा होती जाती है।


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Md writer 12 MAY AT 10:55

माँ क़ा कोई दिन नहीँ होता
उसके लिये दिन,महीने,साल,जिंदगी सब कुर्बान....
love uhh ammi


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Mehvish Tabassum 13 MAY 2018 AT 10:48

words are not enough to define my love...


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Asfa Mobin 12 MAY AT 1:00

I don't live with you anymore,
but still scream "Ammi"
whenever a nightmare or a needle
pricks me to the core.
That's what you are to me
a 'dua', and 'raham',
things I should have asked my 'khuda' first,
I ask from you
even when I was 8,
and still at 38.



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Jatin Aswal 13 MAY 2018 AT 8:59

7:00 am - 13 May, 2032

"Mummmaaaaa" "Dadddddddddy"
Pihu was screaming so loud that I decided to release myself from the utopia of my dreams and listen to what she has to say.

"Stop screaming first of all. Your mumma is enough," I shouted, though less louder than her.

"Happy Mother's Day, Daddy."

"But I'm not your mother, Pihu."

"No. Mumma told me last night that she has always been the man of this relationship. You behave like a mother and she behaves like a Dad."

"What the? Jaan, will you stop trolling me all the time?" I asked my wife, who was grinning sheepishly on the other side of the bed. Pihu's screaming had broken her sleep too.

"No. I won't, darling. Happy Mother's Day, Daddy," she said in her sleepy voice.

Both of them burst into a peal of merry laughter.

"Uh...." I grumbled and eventually joined them.


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Parth Bishnöi 13 MAY 2018 AT 17:20

Journey which began
from her womb and
stayed in her heart
must end up at her feet.

So why old age homes existing?

- Parth Neeraj Bishnöi.


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Rana Swapan Sarkar 12 MAY AT 6:25



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मैं कितने चेहरे पढ़ा करूँ
माँ तुझसा कोई मिलता ही नहीं ...

हर लम्हे में एक हिसाब नज़र आता है
तेरा चेहरा ही इस जिंदगी की क़िताब नज़र आता है!


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BY CK 12 MAY AT 11:04

मेरी माँ हो तुम , मेरी माँ हो तुम,
मेरा दिल धड़कन मेरी जाँ हो तुम।
एक ममता की प्रतिमा हो तुम,
मैं सूरज तो आसमां हो तुम ।
मेरी मां हो तुम , मेरी माँ हो तुम।

Please Read the Caption


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NIDHI JAISWAL 17 JAN 2018 AT 12:32

A new life took birth,
Mother's pain was total worth.
Baby is brought up with love and care,
Raising the child for mother is like a dare.
She gives best education to her child,
It is like a mountain to be climbed.
Prosperity is touching his feet,
Just because of his mother's good deeds.
Sacrifices of mother can't be alleviated,
All sheer love and respect should be dedicated.
Being in the Shadow of mother is a boon,
It is beyond the happiness of reaching moon.
It's all about mother's shade,
Which everyone don't easily get!!!!!!

Respect your mother because you are lucky to have her!!!!!


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