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#mood quotes

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Jatin Aswal 24 MAY 2018 AT 21:48

Your mood swings seem like Music to me.

Sometimes romantic, sometimes sad, sometimes pop and most of the times rock and roll.


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Sahina Mondal 27 MAR 2018 AT 21:53

♾People don't really understand...
The same thing hits them


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Sahina Mondal 18 MAR 2018 AT 23:18

♾You find it hard to

I find it harder to


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Sahina Mondal 15 FEB 2018 AT 22:43

♾I realised,
Penning down my thoughts,is better than speaking it out...
Because many people in life are
avid readers...
But few,avid listeners..♾


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Sahina Mondal 21 FEB 2018 AT 21:37

♾ I am fuming

Trapped inside
small spark♾


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"Karma is almost like a mirror,
shows you exactly what you want
to see there. Dish up only what
you have guts to digest later."


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Sahina Mondal 23 JAN 2018 AT 7:44

♾Never lose those people...
Who are afraid to lose you..♾


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Navita 7 JUN 2017 AT 13:47

"I love tasting your mood in the evening tea"

The way you pour it all at once such that some of it slides down the edge of the cup and you don't wipe it off, when you are in a hurry.

The way you don't care to balance that extra quarter spoon of tea leaves or that extra milk, when something is bothering you.

And the way you take two minutes more than usual to simmer it, when you are happy and want the tea to be as perfect as your day.

Do you taste my mood in the way I slurp it too?


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Sushant Saxena 1 MAY 2018 AT 15:00

Pana Hai Jo Mukaam,
Wo Abhi Baki hai..
Abhi to aye hai Zameen Pr,
Asmaan ki Udaan
Abhi Baki hai ..
Abhi to Suna hai Logo ne
Sirf Naam Mera,
Abhi is Naam ki Pehchaan
Banana Baki Hai ....😊


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Geeta Harish 14 JUN 2018 AT 9:17

Woh sare abaad lafz ek taraf
Aur meri barbaad raatein ek taraf


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