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Jatin Aswal 28 MAY 2018 AT 16:17

Your memories stayed longer than you did.
Why didn't you teach them
how to betray and leave?


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Maria Sufia 5 JUN 2017 AT 23:20

I bulit a house
At the shore of the
Ocean of your memories
And enjoyed its cool waves
Occasionally kissing my feet.

But the ocean turned fatal
The waves turned lethal
And the same moana
That I so cherished
Engulfed me in its rage.


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Visswanath SG SG 5 OCT 2017 AT 22:46

I'm a Dustbin.
I have only memories that
SHE left for me ...


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Jatin Malik 5 MAY AT 10:06

तेरे वजूद से लगता था क़ायनात कितनी हसीन है,
कम्भख्त क़ायनात को तारीफ भी नागवार थी....


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AkaNksha GuPta 8 JUL 2018 AT 7:12

I found losing myself,in the ecstasy of having you by my side,beside the thought of holding your hands,in the world of black and whites.


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Amit Mishra 9 OCT 2018 AT 9:48

'आप' से 'तुम' हुए और ज़ल्द ही 'हम' हो गए
'हम' बनके गुजारे चंद लम्हे उम्र भर का 'गम' हो गए


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Aishwarya Swarup 7 AUG 2017 AT 20:52

In the gap between
my bed and the wall,
your name slipped down
from my hand one night.

Difficult to be pulled up,
it crept deep in the gap
hiding from
my regular dusting,
my irregular shower
of cute nick names,
flying away by the gushes of air.

The day I leave this home,
I might hold a flower in that same hand
filling the void that your name gave.
I might not be looking for you anymore,
I'll be only smelling a flower,
whose memory will easily fade away.


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Priyanka Ghosh 3 JAN AT 23:00

Once I burned her all memories...
But I don't know why,
the fire can't burnt her memories rather it enlightened my mind like candle...
perhaps that's her love, that didn't permit me to make her memories into ashes...


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Priyanka writes 23 MAY 2018 AT 15:08

Forget memories,
Live moments.


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Arunima Gupta 13 JUL 2017 AT 13:19

Maybe we'll be better off like this---
Like two shores.
Touched by nothing but
Rising and ebbing tides of memories.


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