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Poovendhiran Mohanan
6 JAN AT 23:31

She was an ocean,
Her eyes, deep sea blue,
Hair, a long curvy beach,
Laughter, sound waves,
Heart, deep sea of deafening silence,
And her anger, a roaring Tsunami.

He was just a small boat,
Lost in her.


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10 MAR AT 18:06


Promise me you will be my girl forever
No matter how hard it gets
you won't leave ever

I will love you the rest of my life
That is why I asked you to be my wife

Everytime I hear the echoes of your sweet voice
It gets me mesmerized and I loose my sense of hearing any other sound or noise

Life is long you may find someone "new"
But none of their words will touch your soul better than my "I love you"


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प्रशांत 🍃🌸
10 FEB AT 19:02

In my deep silence,🌾
i'envisage serene You.
In sombre loneliness,
'embrace sanguine You.
In my misty dreams,💦
'yearn for enticing You.
In fragments of past,💤
'seek the fleeting You.
In uncharted journeys,
'pursue distant You.🍃
My worldly existence,
'all about 'elusive' You.💢
Quietly i transit from me,
'myself; to tranquil You.🍁
From infatuation to divinity;
'it's deep love, scaling infinity.. {एक दूजे में..
To be in unison, for eternity! समा जाए यूँ🌷}


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Anasuya Bardhan
6 APR 2017 AT 21:17

I wander about
the times we had.
Laughter and smiles,
vodka shots, game rounds
and then your want for a kiss
for every time I lost.

It was like a dream,
I lived once upon a time,
though seems like a paradox now.

And after all that we had
I wonder why
you and I remained
like an unfinished line,
or like a poem with no ending.


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Priya Aiyar
6 MAY AT 15:01



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Anasuya Bardhan
19 MAR 2017 AT 17:09

Your love was
as measured as the words of a poem.
Maybe so,
while you tightened your noose
with every slip,
I bruised my knee!


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Jay Bhatt
26 MAR AT 9:59

I can feel your warmth,I can feel your breathe,
I can feel your heartbeat, Running fast as they can.

Your breast compress when you exhale the hate,
You inhale the eternity love with a great faith.

Your gentle hand touching my back,
like the touch we gives to ourselves.

Your breathe just uttered something,
Slow voice, low sound and said all the things.

Silent breeze, heavy breathing, makes me come to you again,
The love you gave, the feelings you share, makes me fall in love with you again.



Himanshu Verma
2 FEB AT 11:28

दोस्तों आज हम अपनी आप बीती सुनाते हैं
अपनी और अपने सहपाठी की बात बताते हैं

उनसे पहली मुलाकात का दिलकश था नजारा
उन्हें देखते ही सारा होश उड़ गया था हमारा

वो तो मुझे देखते ही जरा सा मुस्कुरा दिये
और इस तरह वो मेरा दिल हौले से चुरा लिये

उनके सौन्दर्य को देखने से मेरा मन मचल गया
मानो जैसे मुझ गरीब को कोहिनूर मिल गया

मैं तो बस उन्हें देखने मे ही गुम सा हो गया
देखते ही देखते मेरा पैर इश्क मे फ़िसल गया

मैने भी ना देर करके हाथ अपना बढ़ा दिये
उनके भी हाथ बढ़े और हम दोनों हाथ मिला लिये

इसके बाद क्या करे कुछ समझ ना आ रहा था
मेरे दिल तो बस जोर-जोर से धड़कता जा रहा था

फ़िर बहुत कोशिशे करके खुद को होश मे लाया
फ़िर हम दोनों ने एक-दूसरे का हाल बतलाया

उन्होने मुझसे कुछ इस कदर बात बतलाया
क्या होता है अपनापन ये उन्होने एहसास दिलाया

कुछ देर बातो का सिलसिला यू ही चलता गया
हाँ उसी वक्त मेरा भी नाम आशिक़ो मे जुड़ गया

इस तरह इश्क का दौर हम दोनों के शुरु हो जाते हैं
इसके आगे जो हुआ कभी वक्त मिलने पर बताते हैं


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Poovendhiran Mohanan
8 JAN AT 19:13

They said follow your heart.
So, I followed her.


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