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Joined 28 March 2018
Rajat Subhra Karmakar 57 MINUTES AGO

Waiting in this busy airport
Alone in the crowd,
Destination? Unknown.
Still waiting to fly away
Somewhere out there
Where lies nature's throne.


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Of my silent smiles
And happy tears,
It acts like a guardian
Who says without saying,
"Believe, without fear."


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How much I love to read you
Will you let me read?

You are that one book
Which I want to hold forever
Like a sacred prayer bead.


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Is waiting for its rightful owner,
Only those who has the power to bring
hellstorm with words can sit here,
The unworthy is not
allowed to sit there,
Because devil himself
wrote Art of Necromancy
while sitting there,
So those who are not worthy
Will perish, just like me
Burning to ashes now
I am....



Always relies on
mutual understanding
and love. That's why
Samar was lying on
the table, cause he knew
his wife needs to feed
on him, and his heart
is melted when she whispers,
"Let me feed on you dear, It won't hurt at all. Just like other hubbies you won't feel a pain." Her black hair was intoxicating him, he was feeling an undying love when he saw her mesmerizing eyes. He could die for her. Even her shadow looked like a spider! Yes, a black widow spider!


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It has a charm of its own,
If you can sense its pulse
Let it slowly engulf your soul.


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Pain crushed her ribs
She wanted to cry
But she laughed instead,
Her seal was boken,
Unlishing that monster,
She felt that in her
Something vile and sinister!
She was still standing
Over the heap of corpse,
Whom she had killed
Without any sense or remorse,
And then something whispered,
"hello girl, you've set me free
Your own Ghoul is pleased,
I've fed well, now who's next?"


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Is like a sky without stars,
No rainbow can be seen
A pitch black graveyard!


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A divine thread
Entangling these two souls,
Which eventually leads
Unraveling the very last thread.


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Rajat Subhra Karmakar YESTERDAY AT 23:30

Another shooting star gets buried
In this galactic graveyard,
Falling from the space beehive? Perhaps,
But sure they fall with a buzz!


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