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Rajat Subhra Karmakar 16 MINUTES AGO

Life stumbles often, before it finds its own way,
Just like this candle flickers before burn in flames!



Perhaps I would have cherish it more
Have those small funs which made it special,
And wouldn't pressurize myself
If I get less in maths!
And probably I would set the goal for me
which I have now,
To be happy, truly happy.


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Most tough job in this world?
Keeping the inner child alive
When this world and this system
is forcing you to grow up!


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Rajat Subhra Karmakar YESTERDAY AT 23:09

Made you tremble,
and I felt your nails clawing my back,
I started uncover your soft curves and valleys
While you found a way to make me submit!
A storm brewed in bed,
When two souls were
immersed in this tide
of wild love and lust.
And this room knows
It started with
that pulsating neck kiss.


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Rajat Subhra Karmakar YESTERDAY AT 22:22

Showing sympathy
Like a machine,
True kindness needs
To feel the pain
To be an empath
Like a real human being.


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Rajat Subhra Karmakar YESTERDAY AT 17:10

Loneliness can be deadly,
It often drags you down
to the rabbits hole.
It infects the soul with darkness
Until someone can pull you out.
And these people are rare,
Like a unicorn, if you find them
Keep them, they are treasure to keep.


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Rajat Subhra Karmakar 13 NOV AT 2:22

Riding the tide of your body
Which lead me to the place
Where I will drop my anchor
To dive deeper into you, oh yes,
River is flooding, time to drown, again.


Rajat Subhra Karmakar 12 NOV AT 21:03

But still you smile everyday despite situation is harsh,
While many of us often thinking of giving up.
Yes you have grey hairs, but you have embraced it,
While this world is suffering from identity crisis!
You are flawed, and you accepted the fact
That you are flawed, like a man, a real man.
While many of us try to wear the apron of perfection,
A fake layer which hides our true self .
Yes you are old, but you are teaching me what life is.

Yes you are, you still are.


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Rajat Subhra Karmakar 12 NOV AT 20:52

I've drawn eyes on that faceless canvas
And then I saw tears on that eye,
I asked the eye, "why you cry?"
Eye told me, "because I am yours
And I know your pain, o dear."
I was puzzled, "but you are not real"
Eye answered, "anything you create
Has a part of you, it has your soul,
Your life, hence I am yours, o dear."
And when tear came to me, I didn't know!


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Rajat Subhra Karmakar 12 NOV AT 15:58

Whenever my heart finds
The courage to take action,
My brain immediately finds
heart's flaws without hesitation!
And I witness this nitpicking
And also a victim of this collision!



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