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17 MAR 2017 AT 0:41

I was thankful to my mind..
It forgot the password to let
my heart log in into an ill-lit
account spammed with guilt
hurt ,unworthiness ,anger
and full of remorseful trashes!


3 DEC 2019 AT 11:16

इतना यक़ीन है एक-दूसरे पर
कि पासवर्ड भी शेयर करते हैं

इतना यक़ीन है एक-दूसरे पर, कि
बिन कहे लॉग इन भी नहीं करते हैं.


3 FEB 2018 AT 20:59

The Key To Happiness Is
To Login To Life,As A Guest
And Not As An Administrator


24 APR 2018 AT 0:40

Deleted messages.
Cleared gallery.
Blocked everywhere.

But then 'login' to the account again.


2 JUN 2019 AT 15:07


7 JAN 2018 AT 22:34

Logout from Pessimistic Company.

Login to Optimistic Company.

Otherwise Your System Will Hang.🤘


4 JAN 2018 AT 21:09

LOGIN to the NEW!


2 MAR 2017 AT 17:45

Sometimes you have to log out from your life just to log in someone else's.


26 FEB 2019 AT 19:03

तू अकाउंट है किसी ओर का
तुझे लॉगिन कर रहा कोई ओर हैं


1 MAR 2021 AT 0:14

it's log in because लोग in.