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They ask me that why am i like this.. and i just sit there listening to what they say.. They tell me about the wanderers of skies and i look at them with a blank face as if i don't know at all that what they mean.. they tell me about griefs and sorrows.. about lonliness and the feeling of it.. amd i just smile at them.. unaffected... they may take me as unsympathetic.. or i maybe just returning the favour.. they tell me to listen to the melody of the atmosphere with wind playing the music and birds drumming around and i just remain silent trying to make them hear the most melodious voice of the universe... *silence*.. they tell me about books and poems about a beautiful verse or a fascinating cover as if i know nothing about them so i talk about life and they fail to understand the relationship.. then they have a look at those pages out there.. thrown painted with words .. they read them and the melody of silence screams🤘 they ask me how i write about love as of i know it a lot and i want to say how someone makes me feel loved as if i am the last person alive and how much i love her.. they ask me why i write.. and i tell them.. 'cause i have been with the wanderers of skies.. i have seen that different universe and i have failed myself a billion times.. i have known people.. i have seen them changing.. so i write away my emotions to a blank page... silently ❤ #write #words #questions #judge #answers #silence #yqbaba #yqdidi

18 MAR AT 19:26