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22 | Punjabi ❤️
Place where I found my poetry 🌻
Joined 19 March 2017

22 | Punjabi ❤️
Place where I found my poetry 🌻
Joined 19 March 2017
31 MAY 2020 AT 22:48

मैंने तेरे नाम जैसा,
शायद समंदर को भा गया

चलो मेरा दिल अकेला न रहा
कहीं और भी तूफान आ गया


19 APR 2020 AT 22:34

finally finish everything this time. The memories of last time were fresh in his mind yet this time there was an evil force with in him, that pushed him to go for it, even though he knew what troubles it would cause to his family, especially his younger sister. He looked everywhere, trying to find something sharp and pointy. Each second, He was sweating more and more while his senses were eyeing on that door, to ensure no one comes. He found the knife.

Continued in caption 🔻


13 APR 2020 AT 10:09

You were strong enough
to break vows, promises, hearts.
Yet I caged you in my poetries.
Still think I am weak?


26 NOV 2017 AT 23:08

And then one day,
She took her spectacles off.

Her eyes got blurred.
Mine, never felt so focused.


28 APR 2020 AT 16:42

"We got tattoos of each other's names, our love would last forever", A couple said.

She looked at me, smiling, bravely hiding all her childhood fears of needles to make our love immortal, just like that couple.

I held her hand, took her outside. As we walked, It started to rain heavily. Neither of us had an umbrella but I guess neither of us wanted it either. The rain drops felt different.. as if they were carving beautiful stories on our skin, with every drop. We weren't getting drenched, It was as if each drop was escaping the clouds just to complete a part of us. At that moment, I looked into her eyes and she looked in mine. We both knew we don't need tattoos, nature just made our love a poetry that was going to last till eternity.


24 APR 2020 AT 22:25

My heart was always
a little too fragile
a little too heavy
a little too broken

in hands who loved a little.


22 APR 2020 AT 21:17


Your heart was
too shallow
to ever let me swim,

just enough
to let me sink.


18 APR 2020 AT 3:49

In nights, I often
find myself dragged
to your shores
like waves

When I pull myself back,
I feel both the
strength and heaviness
of ocean in me.


16 APR 2020 AT 23:45

I feel the breeze
that puts my pieces
back together,
Its just a wind
that erodes me.


16 APR 2020 AT 17:45

Letters to you


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