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Busy in writing the middle chapter of the book called ‘LIFE’.
Joined 7 May 2020

Busy in writing the middle chapter of the book called ‘LIFE’.
Joined 7 May 2020
23 AUG 2020 AT 11:34

“Remember whoever knows
how to lift you also knows
how to make you fall back


18 SEP 2021 AT 22:27

& suppress some
thoughts inside yourself
only if it costs your
self-respect & not gonna
be valued.


10 JUL 2021 AT 14:01

stop chasing you.
They can be suppressed
temporarily, but it's
impossible to get rid
of those pains completely.


11 MAY 2021 AT 15:10

& you'll get
to know about
your best company
in the world...


1 APR 2021 AT 19:22

sometimes, I think of looking
beyond these boundaries but
then I limit myself & take my
steps back from turning
towards the things which are
not meant for me & assure
myself that I'll reach my
destination within this
boundary only...


28 FEB 2021 AT 10:20

to the past to rectify the
mistakes you made. All you
can do at present is to keep
in mind the lessons learnt
from those mistakes & start
making your move towards
a better future.


16 JAN 2021 AT 22:06

And those who try to find
something even in nothing,
eventually know everything...


20 DEC 2020 AT 16:21

you realise that
everything in this
world is temporary,
nothing is permanent.
Don't let yourself
become so emotionally
attached to anyone that
when they leave you and
go away, you start feeling
your importance & don't
let anyone dull your


12 DEC 2020 AT 15:57

a weapon to
answer some
stupid questions

a weakness so
that some wrong
practices may get


2 DEC 2020 AT 20:59

“Judge them silently,
one day you'll find
the perfect one among


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