I wish i could ever find someone whose gaps in between his fingers fit perfectly into mine,whose deep scar in heart is medicated by my care,whose insecurities are made void by the self-esteem i bestow on him❤




■Wallflower I can't find the right filter for my photo- I cannot find a light where it looks appealing, I cannot find a sight of me that isn't disappointing even under pretenses. "Beauty is skin deep, find better aspirations." I never did aim for a picture of beauty though, I want a picture where my flaws look acceptable, where I look less dead on the inside, a picture which needs no pretense while giving a compliment. I want a filter to aesthetically blend in all my scars and thoughts and frowns and blank gazes and buck teeth and love handles and double chin, so I can blend in, safe and blooming inconspicuously across virtual walls. #yqbaba #airplanepoetrymovement #Week11 #insecurity

15 MAR AT 8:02

जो करने वाला (बेटा /बेटी) होता है 
उसे धोखा देने के लिए उसके अपने 
उसे दुकेला नहीं देख पाते 
जी जान लगा देते हैं अकेला करने के लिए 
ताकि उसका अपना कोई ना हो 
जो उसकी तरफ बोले 

मेरे लिए करो ,मेरे कहने से चलो 
"बीवी बहुत मिल जाती है माँ नहीं मिलती "

कुछ नहीं मिलता एक बार जाने के बाद - 
ना माँ ,ना बच्चे ,ना पति ,ना पत्नी ,ना कोई और

#लालच #insecurity सुतली के लिए भी कहा क्या कि "बीवी मिल जाती है माँ नहीं मिलती "?

5 MAR AT 22:36