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Anuska SEN
8 JUL AT 23:09

They were walking together holding hands, when he suddenly smiled and patted another girl they met on the way.
She: Who the hell is she now ??
He : An old friend....Insecurity dear ??She: No, just curiosity dear.
(So.....never confuse the two)



Payal Dutta
15 FEB AT 16:05

You love me not.


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Humma Malik
30 NOV 2017 AT 10:26

This time,she was entirely sick of it
Disgusted with her alledged relationship
Which once used to be her lifeblood,
Had become an incessant vexation now.
With every passing day
she was going demented.
It was throttling her in every fashion
She was craving for her immunity
All she needed was some fresh air to suspire
The reason for all this
Was his preponderating demeanor.
After all She had given all her endeavour
In ramping up her relationship.
Yet he was not slaked.
It was getting discombobulated.
She had made up her mind now
And took an audacious decision
Of ending this gut wrenching relation.
So she rang him.
Aw shucks!
He went along with his inveterate conduct.
This augmented her self assurance
His act was an added fillip
She was all set to split up with him
And on the spur of the moment
She started yelling at him
She kept on blithering
He became tongueless
At long last she asked
"Why have you made my life hell?"
After a pause
He minces his tone and says,
"Insecurity baby which you have never experienced".
The call was dropped by him
And eventually on hearing this
She fell in love with him again!!



Prasheek Patel
7 FEB AT 10:11

असुरक्षा ही रक्षा की जननी हैं।
Power acquisition is the result of Insecurity.


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14 JAN 2017 AT 18:50

"Would you stay even after
getting to know my ugliest side,
darkest secret, deepest insecurity
and deadliest sin?"
I sometimes wonder.

But then,
Unless I'm sure you will,
I won't share.

And unless I share,
I can't be sure!


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