A soldier is not only PRIDE of our country..👆
    He is lifeline for our country ❤❤👍

#In respect of all soldiers #india we all proud of you 👏 😊😇👍


Luv is blind i believe bt love is not such blind that in case u find the lover is dark😀😀😀

#in case of ...


I am travelling in a train of life...
Where I have to play a game every time..
Game of hiding my pain inside the corner of my smile....
In front of every fellow traveller...
Every morning I have to come with a smiling face...
But my eyes tells the truth..
Like a open book...
In which every page is full of your memories...
But with an undefined end...
I wanted an end like a fairytale..
But this our end was very pale...
A rose lost its smell as the wheel of time runs..
So as your love too..
It got fade...
So now I am here..
In front of you...
In search of a person who can find real me again...♥♥

#in a hope of finding real me again


I am SOMEONE you cannot live WITHOUT,
I am SOMEONE who's with you DAY IN & DAY OUT.

I am SOMEONE who makes you feel ALIVE,
I am SOMEONE without whom you cannot SURVIVE.

I am SOMEONE who makes you HAPPIER,
I am SOMEONE who takes you EVERYWHERE.

I am SOMEONE who store your MEMORIES,
I am SOMEONE who takes your all WORRIES.

I am SOMEONE you have in your MADNESS,
I am SOMEONE that can be a reason of your SADNESS.

I am SOMEONE you should not be ADDICTED TO
I am SOMEONE which always takes you THROUGH.

#yqbaba#behindthescreen#mobile#partner#in #crime I wrote "Who" for Mobile inspite of "Which" since nowadays we spend more time with our mobile as compared to our family. So "He" is like my family to me.....