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Joined 10 June 2019
Argha Mallick 6 JAN AT 1:46

To change the way you are on,

To change the focus of the life...


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Argha Mallick 3 JAN AT 10:10

TIME is such a thing,
That never waits for anything...
It's always running,
Towards the target, which is still increasing...


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Argha Mallick 25 DEC 2019 AT 18:42

1. This is such a year, I will go to a big changing
time in my life.
2. This is such a year, by which it will be confirmed
that whether I exist or not.
3. This year I am about to sit a very big examination
of my career.
4. This year will fix about my next turn.
5. Finally, this upcoming year is a year to remember
for forever in my mind until my death.


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Argha Mallick 25 DEC 2019 AT 4:03

Let me improve the mistakes I made last year and remember the good works, I do...
In the upcoming new year, As if I can move on my target of life...


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Argha Mallick 25 DEC 2019 AT 3:11

I would like to gift something by which

He/she becomes very joyful...


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Argha Mallick 21 DEC 2019 AT 13:20

I feel very satisfied with my activities...


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Argha Mallick 9 DEC 2019 AT 22:55

Love is friendship
Love is romanticism
Love is action
Love is sorrow

Love is everything... Love you...鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍


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Argha Mallick 6 DEC 2019 AT 10:51

Have you repeatedly failed in your work?
Don't you get any inspiration from people close to you?

And now is the time of an absolute result?

Let's challenge to your mind... And accept...

"I can get an absolute success with hard-working..."

And go through your plan that's needed...


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Argha Mallick 27 NOV 2019 AT 15:12

I think I am very confident
About my life dreams...


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Argha Mallick 22 NOV 2019 AT 11:27

You should keep yourself
In which you are in...


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