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Nimisha Toshniwal 20 MINUTES AGO

You either sink
deep in your heart
or rise up with
illusions made in your brain,
you gotta deal with both.


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Sweta Mishra Dubey 17 HOURS AGO

सबकुछ था उस सपने में ,सिवाय एक सच्चाई के,,,
लौटे जब हकीकत में तो भी सबकुछ था सिवाय उस सुकून के,,,,,,


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Ashutosh Thakur 17 HOURS AGO

ना कुछ पाया ना कुछ खोया
जो भी था सब भ्रम था मेरा


Utsav Jaiswal YESTERDAY AT 5:04

हाँ उस बेदर्द हैवान ने सब सम्भाला

पर मुझे भुला दिया ...


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Ayman Jamal YESTERDAY AT 2:24

कहीं तो कोई सराब दिखा
नही बुझती प्यास मेरी, दरिया देख कर ।


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Utkarsh Gupta YESTERDAY AT 23:22

In this city of lies,people living in buildings sky high
partying till Dawn and celebrating their delusional outcries often asked me "Dude,you changed!Why??"
Daddy's cash covering up thier lazy asses and, acting cool all day in their gifted SUVs started to give me advise
To live life large while taking sips said to enjoy every smoke puffs and get high.
I was that lone wanderer who chose to live in my realm of reality,my own throne of thatched hovel,
which I earned all by myself, kept busy creating my own legacy which no one can claim and none can deny.
Now they all surprised,know can't defeat the gut feeling of this "Samurai"
Chose to talk shit behind my back but were always too terrified on my face to criticize.
And I always think "Do they keep their brains sanitize?"😂
Lone wolf howling in the arena against them all,
yet their packs are afraid to wage war
All they can do is bark and bark from afar!
:-Samurai 🗡️♥️


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