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the unexplored man 18 JAN AT 17:57

And when you feel "void" chasing
Know that, it's the fear of losing the control
of your mind which in itself is a void,
Which replaces "experiences"
from being celebrated by your life.

Be an observer!


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the unexplored man 17 JAN AT 1:50

1. To read more books on business, spirituality, healing, zen, narcissism and other non- fiction and fiction.
2. To say no to relationship and making new friends.
3. To put an end to phone addiction.
4. To learn to cook and prepare my favorite foods.
5. To make the habit of doing daily meditation.
6. To maintain balance between inner world and outer world.
7. To write a psychological thriller series.
8. To visit an abandoned house, temple or haweli.


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the unexplored man 15 JAN AT 19:31

She is an adventure
Exploration beyond seasons.
I'm a void
She is embracing;
Together us a new reality.


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the unexplored man 10 JAN AT 10:19

Curiosity was the most beautiful journey which in itself was a magical destination,
Which I'm realizing now.

I'm still curious but it seems more of


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the unexplored man 8 JAN AT 21:40


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the unexplored man 8 JAN AT 12:24

1. Not to give a damn what others think about the way I perceive things and this life.
2. Not to fall in the never ending cycle of blind trust.
3. Not to avoid spirituality and sleeping on time.


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the unexplored man 7 JAN AT 11:21

Reality is showering its illusion,
Illusion is unveiling its mysteries;
Where there is longing for nothingness
Yet I'm full of life
Somewhere amidst hope and detachment.


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the unexplored man 3 JAN AT 19:06


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the unexplored man 2 JAN AT 18:41

And when the idea of being judgemental
to your thoughts don't remain
a matter to be ponder over,
calmness happens!


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the unexplored man 1 JAN AT 14:17


It's the high time I want to fulfill some amazing dreams of mine and for
that I have motivation there already as lessons & experiences; pain, mistakes, myths, disappointments, ups and downs, procrastination, hopelessnessness, oblivion, ignorance of the last decade and the person who I'm today.
The main thing is that, do I know my weaknesses and vulnerabilities well ?
am I aware of my thought process, can I identify the things that causes
unhappiness in my life, am I living in ignorance ? What I actually want from this universe, what are my expectations from life ?
Do you know your true potential ?
And to do so you have to wait for the time to teach you like it did to me or
read stuff, books to imbibe life lessons in advance, all you have to do is be open
to learn and change. Know that everything is happening for a reason and I shouldn't give up in any condition. Rise yourself from the realms of ignorance, when you will vibe high you will attract things that vibe high, keep finding reasons to be happy there's nothing wrong in it but at the same time make efforts to discover yourself and the source of true happiness within, be you, be life, bloom!!

Keep moving on...


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