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Joined 25 March 2017
Bibhuti 15 AUG AT 16:54

I can feel that you feel that I feel for you
but you are confused whether I wanna fall for you or just feel...
But it's ok!
Sometimes it's better to feel the feeling
of being loved rather than asking what you actually feel for me
because this feeling is an awesome feeling in itself..
And when you find it difficult to express, do feel deeply and let these feelings become poetry and find its way to her heart to make her feel something about your feelings!


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Bibhuti 15 AUG AT 13:04

In you
I realize the beauty of imperfection.

In you
I see the journey of healing.

In you
I feel the magic of silence.

In you
I feel the unfurling of my sacredness.

In you
I anticipate the manifestation of an
impossible love.

If only you could see
How much I crave for your presence,
For our essence, For us!!

If only...


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Bibhuti 13 AUG AT 13:45

You're like a wrong answer
That makes me question the part of me
that already knows the authentic answer
of this not very useful question.


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Bibhuti 27 JUL AT 16:40

खुशी के गीत गाना, राह में मिले मुसाफ़िर का हौशला बढ़ाना,
मन दूषित हो ना जाए, इसलिए निर्लिप्त होकर संसार में जीना ।


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Bibhuti 27 JUL AT 12:03

ये भावनाओं का खेल
तेरा चाल चलन सब समझ गया मैं
बस तुझे अलविदा कहने की देरी है, फिर मेरे द्वार
दस्तक मत देना ।


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Bibhuti 26 JUL AT 17:03


I don't force things to happen, rather flow with the wind of destiny and try to be more spontaneous than before. "It's all about healing yourself through forgiveness and moving on, realizing your true dreams".


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Bibhuti 26 JUL AT 16:22

"Disappointment and hopelessness"

I take them as lessons and seek realization,
With each realization I develop more
ability to let go of things and memories that hurts...
"It's all about moving on and strengthening your abilities to recognize opportunities".


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Bibhuti 26 JUL AT 13:49

She sees beauty in my imperfections,
She sees pain behind my smile,
She sees poetry in my presence,
She feels serenity in my silence,
She feels home in me, but doesn't wanna
weigh me down,
She sees forever in us, but doesn't wanna
make our present dull.
She has a lot to say, but hides for she knows
I understand her silence well.
She is really special to him, she is a rare soul
Who makes him pure.


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Bibhuti 26 JUL AT 11:21

My 4424 poem

With you my imperfections
seem perfect. You know
what ? You
make me feel special!


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Bibhuti 24 JUL AT 22:30

If you love
him, don't make gestures.
Learn to
Embrace the present.


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